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5 Tax Mistakes freelancer Spain Should Not Make

As a freelancer in Spain, there are various tax mistakes you should avoid at all costs. This is due to the Spanish tax regime which is considered to be one of the most complicated tax systems in Europe. In this article, you will learn all you need to know to work according to the law. […]

How Much Does It Cost to Maintain a Property in Spain?

Are you considering investing in a property in Spain and wondering how much it will cost to maintain a property in Spain? If so, the first step is to calculate whether or not you can afford it! Maintenance costs and other expenses such as utilities are an important part of budgeting for any property. But […]

7 Tips On How To Get a Job in Spain

Getting a job in Spain can be an intimidating experience due to the language barrier, but with some research and effort, it is possible to find your dream career. In this blog post, we will discuss 7 tips on how to get a job in Spain. From maximizing your online presence to searching through some […]

10 Of The Best Spanish Islands To Live On

Spain offers some of the best Spanish Islands to live on, with their warm climates, picturesque nature, and cultural diversity. Spanish Islands are some of the best places to call home, from the Canary Islands off North Africa’s coast to the Balearic Islands in the Mediterranean Sea. The Canary Islands are home to incredible beaches, […]

Find the Most Romantic Place in Spain

Are you planning a romantic getaway with your significant other and wondering where to go? Look no further than Spain! This country is steeped in history, culture, and natural beauty, so it should come as no surprise that it also has some of the most romantic towns and destinations in the world. In this article, […]

The Truth Behind Expat Life In Spain

Living in Spain as an expat can be a great experience. For many people around the world, even the thought of moving to Spain appears like an enchanting dream. However, expats can face various difficulties when moving abroad there for good. So, which is the truth behind expat life in Spain? To help you weigh […]

How to get a mortgage as a foreigner in Spain

Are you a foreigner looking to buy a property in Spain? With proper preparation and thorough research, you can take out a mortgage as a foreigner in Spain successfully. In this article, you will find relevant information about mortgages in Spain that will be very useful. To begin your real estate hunt, find out if […]

Cost of Living in Spain With Numbers

The cost of living in Spain is a popular topic among those looking to relocate to the country. For most people, the cost of living is a major factor when deciding on a place to live. Whether you’re relocating for a job, retiring, or starting a new adventure in the sun, finding out how much […]

Which Spanish Bank Is Best For Non-Residents? (5 of the Best)

Spain is one of the most sought-after European countries in terms of investment opportunities. Expats looking to live and work in Spain often flock to the country. However, without a local Spanish bank account, it can be difficult for them to receive payments or pay bills such as rent and utilities. So which Spanish bank […]

Feeling Homesick in Spain? 9 Tips To Survive

Ah, Spain–a land of tapas and sunshine. But even though it’s an exciting and often exotic place to be, at some point, you might experience a deep longing for home. Feeling homesick in Spain often begins to set in for many reasons, including feelings of loneliness and disconnection due to language barriers and missing out […]

Free Healthcare in Spain: How does it work?

Spain is often hailed as a leader in healthcare. Many people believe that all of its citizens have access to free medical care. But is this actually true? Is there free healthcare in Spain? Whether it’s from your family doctor or a nearby hospital, let’s learn more about Spanish healthcare. Over 91% of the Spanish […]

Is It Easy To Live in Spain As a Foreigner?

To say, it is easy to live in Spain as a foreigner, depends on the individual situation. Spain is renowned for its 8000 km of stunning beaches and draws in tourists from all corners of the world and those aspiring to start a new life here. The legal process for acquiring your residence permit can […]

Getting married in Spain as an expat

Are you a non-Spanish resident considering tying the knot in Spain? Thanks to its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, Spain is often called a land of love. But is getting married in Spain as an expat an option? It is. While non-Spanish residents’ marriage in Spain might appear intense, the process is quite simple. In […]

9 Places To Consider When Relocating To Spain 

When it comes to places to consider when relocating to Spain, there’s a lot to choose from. From its stunning coastline along the Mediterranean Sea to its vibrant culture and lively cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia – there are countless reasons why so many people choose this unique country as their home away from […]

5 Spectacular Road Trips Around Spain

Spectacular road trips around Spain provide the perfect opportunity to explore this diverse country. From its lush green north and majestic mountainous interior to its captivating coasts, Spain has always something wonderful to offer. Enjoy Spain’s scenic drives in Barcelona’s vibrant attractions, UNESCO World Heritage Sites, and the historic cities of the inland regions, or […]

9 Best Spanish Islands To Live In

Most of the best Spanish islands to live in are located in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean. However, you can find more awesome islands in the Basque Country, Cantabria and Andalusia too. Most of them attract visitors from the rest of Europe and the world thanks to their spectacular sun-drenched beaches and immense natural […]

14 Most Romantic Places in Spain

Spain is one of Europe’s most picturesque and romantic countries, with many destinations and attractions ideal for couples in love. From Barcelona’s bustling city life to the rolling hills of Andalusia, each region has something unique and special to offer you as a couple. We’ve dug deep into the country’s best getaways – from world-famous […]

10 Ways On How To Make Friends In Spain

Relocating to a foreign country can feel intimidating, but making friends in your new home can make it much more manageable. Living and building relationships within a different culture from the one you were raised in is an enriching experience that proves plenty of rewards as time goes on. This blog post shows you how […]

Where Should I Go For My First Time in Spain?

Are you ready to have an unforgettable experience on your first time in Spain? This country is an ideal destination for any traveler. Its rich culture, history, and stunning Mediterranean beaches will leave you breathless. From bustling cities like Madrid and Barcelona to more off-the-beaten-path experiences in locations like Seville or Granada – you’re sure […]

8 Of The Hottest Places in Spain

Are you dreaming of a vacation in one of the most picturesque hottest places in Spain? Some parts of this country are known for their sunny and warm climate all year round. In fact, Spain is one of the hottest places in Europe so hitting the beach in the wintertime is an attractive idea for […]

Checklist For Moving to Spain

Ready to embark on your journey and take up residence in the delightful country of Spain? Making the checklist for moving to Spain is essential if you want your relocation to be as smooth and stress-free as possible.  We all know moving to any new country can be overwhelming. However, if you do some research […]

Living In The Canary Islands: A Quick Guide To Applying For Residency

Living in the Canary Islands is a dream come true for many. With year-round sunshine, warm temperatures, and stunning beaches, what’s not to love? Located in the sunny Atlantic Ocean, just off Africa’s west coast, this magical Spanish archipelago has everything. Its stunning beaches and awe-inspiring volcanic landscapes will take your breath away. But before […]

What Are 14 Things Spain is Known For?

Things Spain is known for are as varied and diverse as the country itself. Spain is a nation renowned that has multiple cultures and  rich history. From sumptuous cuisine to unique cultural customs, there’s an abundance of quintessential components that make up Spain’s identity. Whether you are looking to relax on sun-soaked beaches or explore […]

12 Best Beach Towns in Spain

The best beach towns in Spain offer a combination of stunning beaches, vibrant nightlife, and plenty of other attractions. From the finest picturesque beaches on its coastline, lush palm trees, and white sand to pristine beaches, charming beach towns, and lively urban beaches – there is something for everyone. Spain offers some of the most […]