Abogado inmobiliario en Barcelona

BarcelonaDesk has a team of real estate lawyers that offer you a valuable service when you want to purchase real estate in Spain. Our professional real estate lawyer in Barcelona meets the client’s requirement and offers results within a couple of days.

We will offer practical and valuable solutions for any real estate issue you will run into in Spain. We can facilitate the full legal purchase of land, houses, apartmnts and other real estate in Spain. We help our clients for the full 100% and will make sure you are satisfied with our service. Our legal team communicates clearly, and knows the full extent of the legal real estate issues in Spain.

We will advise you appropriately on dealing with real estate transactions because we know that it always poses a significant economic risk for customers. BarcelonaDesk real estate lawyers will offer professional advice that will meet your requirement. We assist our client in prior matters, and we carefully prepare the appeals before authorities corresponding.

Our lawyers specialize in real estate law in Barcelona

Are you looking for a real estate lawyer in Barcelona? Consider BarcelonaDesk professional legal service. We offer preventive legal advice and simple consultation to our valuable customers. Our team of lawyers knows amicable negotiations for legal proceedings.

The best advice is to consult a lawyer who has enough knowledge of real estate law. Get professional legal service at BarcelonaDesk. If you have any question regarding the legal affairs of buildings, apartments, land, or even houses, contact us, our experts will guide you properly. Here are our leading offers to our clients:

  • Purchase contract
  • Claims for construction defects
  • Rental agreement
  • Solve problems with private purchase and sale contracts
  • Complaints about hidden defects
  • Meetings of owners
  • Approvals and disputes
  • Non-compliance and hidden defects in the contract
  • Planning permit
  • Rental agreement
  • Application for incapacity or invalidity
  • Municipal complaints
  • Horizontal Property
  • Compensation Committee
  • Exchange contracts option

At BarcelonaDesk, we put the best real estate lawyers’ service in Barcelona at your disposal and solve issues regarding the above-listed points. We know that a specialized lawyer’s advice is quite necessary in sensitive matters, as it will determine the success or failure of your case.

Get advice for any legal contracts

At BarcelonaDesk, our specialist lawyers advise you if you have doubts regarding any contract. Our real estate lawyer in Barcelona finalizes any kind of claim derives from a situation of non-compliance with a contract. We offer the following legal contracts:

  • Purchases and sales contract
  • Preliminary contract
  • Public and private contract
  • Removals contract
  • Non-performance contracts
  • The real estate loan contract
  • Cancellation and kindness of contract
  • Contract resolutions
  • Exchange of contracts
  • Disposals contract

BarcelonaDesk, real estate services that will help you

When you intend to carry out the sale and purchase of property, contact the team of real estate lawyers at BarcelonaDesk in, and we will give a good piece of advice throughout the process. We advise our clients with proper fluctuation; also, we guide our clients through all the traditional ways to get the effective recommendation of your case.

Get in touch with our real estate lawyers team to receive legal advice related to real estate law. Our attorneys will defend your interests, whether individually or personally. If you doubt that the owner may intend or infringe his contract, contact us.

Face difficulties in real estate legal matter?

A difficult situation can occur at any time, and you might need the guidance of a real estate lawyer. In case you are stuck with a real estate problem, immediately contact our team and get proper guidance on the spot. We deal with your problem related to

  • Communities
  • Real estate registration
  • Buildings
  • Housing contracts
  • Leases
  • Real estate harassment
  • Mortgages

Get professional advice, we ensure that you never face any difficulties in the legal matter because we handle everything on your behalf. If you have any questions or want to make a query, contact us and our team of real estate lawyers is available to assist you.