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cost to maintain a property in Spain

8 Tips For Selling Your Property In Spain

If you hope to make a profitable sale, this guide is for you. Here are 8 useful tips for selling your property in Spain.
Which Spanish Bank Is Best For Non-Residents? (5 of the Best)

Which Spanish Bank Is Best For Non-Residents? (5 of the Best)

Spain is one of the most sought-after European countries in terms of investment opportunities. Expats looking to live and work in Spain often flock to the country. However, without a local Spanish bank account, it can be difficult for them to…
Feeling Homesick In Spain

Feeling Homesick in Spain? 9 Tips To Survive

Ah, Spain--a land of tapas and sunshine. But even though it's an exciting and often exotic place to be, at some point, you might experience a deep longing for home. Feeling homesick in Spain often begins to set in for many reasons, including…
what is considered a decent salary in Spain

Free Healthcare in Spain: How does it work?

Spain is often hailed as a leader in healthcare. Many people believe that all of its citizens have access to free medical care. But is this actually true? Is there free healthcare in Spain? Whether it's from your family doctor or a nearby hospital,…
Is it easy to live in Spain?

Is It Easy To Live in Spain As a Foreigner?

To say, it is easy to live in Spain as a foreigner, depends on the individual situation. Spain is renowned for its 8000 km of stunning beaches and draws in tourists from all corners of the world and those aspiring to start a new life here. The…
getting married in Spain as an expat

Getting married in Spain as an expat

Are you a non-Spanish resident considering tying the knot in Spain? Thanks to its stunning landscapes and vibrant culture, Spain is often called a land of love. But is getting married in Spain as an expat an option? It is. While non-Spanish…
9 places to consider when relocating to Spain

9 Places To Consider When Relocating To Spain 

When it comes to places to consider when relocating to Spain, there’s a lot to choose from. From its stunning coastline along the Mediterranean Sea to its vibrant culture and lively cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia – there are…
5 road trips around Spain

5 Spectacular Road Trips Around Spain

Spectacular road trips around Spain provide the perfect opportunity to explore this diverse country. From its lush green north and majestic mountainous interior to its captivating coasts, Spain has always something wonderful to offer. Enjoy…
the best spanish islands to live in

9 Best Spanish Islands To Live In

Most of the best Spanish islands to live in are located in the North Atlantic and the Mediterranean. However, you can find more awesome islands in the Basque Country, Cantabria and Andalusia too. Most of them attract visitors from the rest of…