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spanish inheritance law non residents

Inheritance Law in Spain for Non-Residents

In this blog post, we will look at some of the key things you need to know about inheritance law in Spain for deceased non-residents in Spain. Read on for more information. Spanish inheritance law for non-residents When the deceased person…
Gestoria in Barcelona

What our Gestoria in Barcelona can offer

With the right advice, you can manage your administration in Barcelona better. Our Gestoria offers a large range of services in tax, legal, and other Spanish administrative bureaucracy. Tax and Legal Advice for Living in Spain Spain is a…
Divorce in Spain

A Guide to Divorce in Spain: A Quick Overview

Divorce is a complicated process, no matter where you live. But when you add the complications of living in a foreign country, things can get even more complex. If you're considering divorce in Spain, it's essential to understand the Spanish…
Marriage in Spain

Marriage in Spain: What Do You Need to Know?

If you are looking to get married in Spain, there are a few things you need to know. This article aims to describe everything you might need to know about marriage in Spain; next to this, we answer some frequently asked questions at the end. History…
buying off-plan property in spain

Buying Off-Plan Property in Spain: Permits, Costs, and More

There are some legal permits you need to know about when you are buying off-plan property in Spain. Let’s explore some key areas to help you think about your potential or existing construction project, and the necessary legal requirements…
Notary Spain

The Notary in Spain: Everything You Need To Know

A Spanish Notary, Notary Public, Notario, Public Notary, or Spain Notary is someone you probably need at one point when you are living or doing business in Spain. In this blog, you can learn more about questions such as: "What is a notary?",…
Apostille Stamp Spain

Apostille Stamp Spain: Legalising Documents for Spain

When you don't want to come to Spain, and you need a document to be legalised by a notary in Spain. Then you can do this in your home country when Spain recognises the notary in your home country. This article will provide information on how…
Choosing a spanish lawyer

How to Choose a Spanish Lawyer

Spanish law can be difficult terrain for a foreigner. Therefore it is highly recommended to get a Spanish lawyer. Not only for the legal aspects but also to get acquainted with the know-how things work in this country. When looking for a…
Power of Attorney in Spain

Power of Attorney in Spain: Meaning and Usefulness

A Power of Attorney in Spain is a contract that grants a third party the authority to act on your behalf. People use it typically for legal and transactional matters. However, it can also be used for a range of other things. In Spanish, the…
Legal System in Spain

Civil Lawyer in Spain

Civil lawyers can work on many different issues. They defend the client's rights and appeals against judicial acts in civil cases. Today, finding the best civil lawyer in Spain can be difficult because of the many legal firms. Consider SpainDesk…
Legal System in Spain

Car Accident Lawyer in Spain

SpainDesk has a certified car accident lawyers team who will achieve positive results when the traffic police authorities or the court file cases of recovering funds. Our experienced lawyer will protect your interests at any stage of legal proceedings.…
English speaking lawyers in Spain

English speaking lawyers in Spain

At SpainDesk, you will get the guidance of English speaking lawyers in Spain that can solve all your legal matters within a short time. Our firm has a team of professional lawyers that is fully experienced and well-organized. We know how to…
Criminal lawyer in Spain

Criminal Lawyer in Spain: Discover Our Services

In search of a criminal lawyer in Spain? Legal services in criminal cases are the most difficult areas in the field of jurisprudence that doesn't tolerate any experiments. The solution should be approached confidently, promptly and competently. Sometimes,…
Family lawyer in Spain.

Family Lawyer in Spain

SpainDesk family lawyer establishes the procedure for concluding and terminating a marriage, and also handles the consequences of declaring invalid marriage. Our family lawyer in Spain offers complete guidance and free advice at the time when…
Law Firm in Spain

Law Firm in Spain

SpainDesk is a law firm Spain that works as an entrust legal support. Every client is unique; that's why our lawyer's team uses an individual approach to solve a client's legal problems. We deeply analyze all aspects of each transaction and…

Business Lawyer in Spain

Every business needs legal support at the time of registration until the completion of activities. A business lawyer is a highly qualified legal service expert that handles all the legal matters. A lawyer is responsible for collecting taxes…
Legal System in Spain

Legal System in Spain

Whether you are going to live, work or do business in a foreign country, it’s important to know at least a little bit about the legal system, how does it work? how does it compare to other countries?