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When forming a new company in Spain, the common choice is the Limited Liability Company (Sociedad Limitada), and the Sole Trader (Autónomo). Contact us, and our specialists will take care of the company formation for you.

Company Formation in Spain

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    Company Formation Services in Spain

    Our lawyers can help make a difference for foreigners, non-residents, residents, and companies performing a Spanish company formation. Some of the tasks we can help you with are:

    • Consulting on which company structure is most suitable for you.
    • Creating a Power of Attorney to take control of your company formation.
    • Setting up the appointments with Notary and Embassy.
    • Registering your company name with the Spanish mercantile registry.
    • Getting your NIE.
    • Getting your Spanish VAT number (NIF/CIF number).
    • Writing the Bylaws and Articles of Incorporation.
    • Getting the Deeds of Incorporation signed.
    • Filling out governmental forms.
    • Getting a postal address.
    • Buying an already established company.
    • Getting your company bank account set up.

    Don’t waste any time and resources, and get the professional assistance of a Spanish Lawyer. As your trusted law firm, we can take ensure the process goes smoothly and securely.

    Our firm also offers accountant and tax services for your new Spanish company. We have a team of highly qualified accountants who are up-to-date on the latest changes in Spanish tax law, so you don’t have to be. Contact us today, to get a quote on our company formation services.

    Informative Procedure

    We will inform you clearly of the procedure to get your business started.

    Fast Formation

    We are ready when you are! Our team in Spain is ready to assist you quickly.

    International and Friendly

    Our bilingual and diverse team will enjoy partnering with you in your venture.

    What can you expect?

    The incorporation of companies in Spain is a process that involves the preparation of many documents and articles. Some registrations include passports, signatures, and unique forms provided by the mercantile registry office.

    We will simplify the Spain company registration procedures for you. Get accurate advice and information on the type of company that best suits your project.

    For a company formation in Spain, notarial procedures are required. Next to this, a registered office location can also be mandatory. As a full-service office, we can help you take care of everything involved with your company formation.

    Our success with past clients gives us the confidence that we can support you with your company formation. Contact us today to get a quote on your Spanish company formation.


    Guidance for incorporation in Spain

    Services for your newly registered company

    Accounting services

    Our corporate tax filing services will help you solve your obligations with the Spanish tax authorities. We can help you overcome double taxation. The fiscal laws can be challenging for a foreigner, so we offer all the support and help you may need. It just helps make the process better, faster for you. We can handle the accounting and taxes so that you can focus on other aspects of your business.

    Legal services

    We provide legal representation from legal proceedings to out of court solutions. We have more than a decade of experience in this field, and we work closely with a large number of legal correspondents in Spain to ensure that you have the best results. Our team can assist with labour law, finance and tax laws, commercial and mercantile laws and anything related to business law.

    Get in touch with our team if you want the best Spain company formation services and any other similar solutions. Our team is always ready to assist, and we guarantee you will have access to the best results in no time. Just work closely with us, and you will have no problem getting the proper return on investment and a great way to ensure your business ideas come to life!

    Frequently asked questions about Spanish Company Incorporation

    Below you can find some common questions about the company formation of the limited liability company (S.L.).

    The two main types of companies that are recognized in Spain are the public limited liability company, which is called the Sociedad Anónima (S.A.), and the private limited liability company, which is called the Sociedad Limitada (S.L.).

    The main difference is that the Sociedad Anónima Company is most appropriate for large companies. In contrast, the Sociedad Limitada Company is a better-fit for shareholders that do not need a large amount of capital. There are many other differences between the SL and SA as well.

    Yes, a single person may establish a Spanish firm, and you can be the company’s only director, administrator, and shareholder.

    The minimum share capital will depend on the type of legal entity you adopt. For the Sociedad Anónima company, the minimum share capital is € 60.000, while the Sociedad Limitada costs € 3.000.

    Yes, a limited liability company can accommodate almost any type of investment. However, sectors such as pharmaceutical, fund management, insurance, or banking must be carried out through a Sociedad Anónima. Please contact us for help with your incorporation.

    No, foreigners can incorporate a company in Spain. However, you will need a unique identification number (NIE) to carry on with the process.

    Incorporating a company in Spain usually takes 2 weeks. However, it depends on the complexity (i.e NIE requirements and shareholder’s nationality) and timing of the case.

    No, foreigners can start a business in Spain. You will only need a separate identification number (NIE).

    Yes, all companies need a registered address in Spain. If you don’t have one, SpainDesk can provide you with a service address. This is for collecting mail from the tax authorities. We can help you get a post box address, that will forward all your mail to another place without you having to be there physically.

    Incorporating a company in Spain usually takes 2 weeks. However, it depends on the complexity (i.e NIE requirements and shareholder’s nationality) and timing of the case.

    Yes you can, we can register this for you in the by-laws. We can also assist you in reducing your tax burden by advising on the best approach to move funds from the parent firm to the new Spanish business.

    In general, the company formation process in Spain takes around 3 week. However, sometimes bureaucracy, appointments, and validating documents can increase this quiet a bit. We can help you speed up this process and reduce your waiting time.

    The private limited company, also known as The Sociedad Limitada (S.A.), , is a good option in most cases since it can be run through a foreign country.

    There are very little restrictions for foreign investors in Spain. However, non-European residents are not permitted to invest in certain critical sectors, such as telecommunications, without a special permit. The labour market, on the other hand, is subject to greater regulation. The maximal working week is 40 hours, and all employees are entitled to six weeks of paid vacation a year.

    A person must be 18 years old to do a legal Spanish company registration.

    In general, the Spanish government communicates with companies in Spanish. It is therefore a good idea to have someone take care of your business in Spain, if you are not familiar with the language.

    No, this is not necessary. We can schedule a meeting with the Spanish consulate in your country, and you’ll be able to sign for the company at a notary in your home country.

    Yes, you can be represented by a proxy and avoid physically going to the registration office. A lawyer can go for you and complete all the filing documents.

    A certificate of registration with the Commercial Registry is required to open a business bank account.

    Recruiting staff and employees is not as easy as in some other countries. It can be difficult to find the right people, and the amount of paperwork is quite extensive compared to other countries. The laws for recruiting and firing staff also make this process very complicated and time-consuming. Payroll rules are different in Spain from other European countries.

    The Spanish Mercantile Registry will issue a certificate of incorporation and a document confirming the identity of the company’s shareholders.

    The company statutes or the memorandum of association is the internal rule book for your company. It includes how shareholders, directors and board members are selected and duties, rights and privileges each holds. It also includes rules for taking board resolutions and managerial decisions. We can sign the company statutes at the notary for you through the power of attorney.

    When you are doing business in Spain, you will to form a company in Spain. It can be a branch of the foreign company, or a new Spanish business.

    Our corporate lawyers are here to help you with your questions. They can answer any questions you might have and give advice on the best way to proceed. We recommend that you consult your lawyer before doing a Spanish company registration, and reach out for help if you encounter any difficulties before starting up.

    Yes, a registered office is a requirement in Spain. This can be an address or a PO Box number, and is the place where official notifications for the company are sent to.

    Going through the incorporation process for a new company in Spain can be a complex process. Below are some of the issues you can face when it is not doing properly.

    • The complex process of incorporation can be confusing without help
    • Spanish bureaucracy can be time-consuming
    • Not being properly registered in the mercantile register
    • You need to perform the steps in the right sequence

    The company law stipulates that:

    • You will need to have company statutes
    • You will need an address in Spain
    • You will need to go through a notarial procedure
    • You will need a company deed
    • You will need a company director
    • You will need a share capital, in case of a Spanish SL this is 3.000 euro

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