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Our legal & procedural law department is composed of a qualified and broadly experienced team. We will get you in contact with a professional lawyer in Spain. We provide advice and legal support in a variety of law fields in both private and business. We can do mediation, arbitration, litigation, and risk assessment in Spain for you. Contact us and we will outline the strategies for you.

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    Get legal solutions in Spain

    We understand that legal matters can be complicated for you or your organization in Spain. That’s why we are here to support you. At SpainDesk, we can help you with difficulties and offer tailor-made legal advice. Our team consists of a large variety of specialists that can advice you on governmental, financial, and legal situations in Spain. We have a network that can help you live or do business in Spain with security.

    We are known for our dedicated, devoted and no-nonsense approach and can help international and local individuals, organisations and companies solve their legal problems and find the right solutions.

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    We always try to offer our client the best service. Below a few of our reviews.

    Very happy with the fast and friendly service. Will come back when needed.

    I have had a good experience with SpainDesk. Clear consultation of next steps in the process.

    Friendly and clear information. SpainDesk gave good consultation, and broad me in contact with the right person.

    Our trusted lawyers will help you get the right legal and procedural solutions in Spain.

    Legal Services in Spain

    Business lawyer in Spain: Safety, reliability, and speed

    The commercial environment in Spain frequently poses legal issues that can have significant consequences. As a business, you can implement strategies to project yourself. We have a team of qualified business lawyers who can help you with proper guidance. Our customers get strategic advice on a variety of commercial matters, and get an outline of the necessary legal steps they need to take. For instance, we can assist in: mergers and acquisitions, partnership agreements, articles of incorporation, operating agreements, real estate investing, company formation, compliance issues, and more.

    Our lawyers in Spain offers reliable legal advice and representation at the intersection of administrative, civil, and criminal law. We can represent you in legal proceedings and offer you security when you need it. Our hard work combined with real world experience will help you to achieve your goals.

    A sollicitor in Spain when you need it the most

    SpainDesk also provides legal services and advice to you as an individual. We fight for our clients to get a positive outcome and the results they deserve. Whether your are a foreigner, resident or non-resident in Spain, our services are aimed at providing a great representation for you. We can provide you with up-to-date information, and solve problems quickly.

    Our law firm in Spain also has lawyers who are specialised in resolving immigration related matters and government formalities. We are here to serve you on topics including residence permits and work, investor visas, deportation of employees, appeals, and more.

    We will build a close working relationships with you and in your time of need we are here to help as your legal advisors in your corner.

    Lawyer in Spain

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    In need of a qualified lawyer in Spain? Contact us, and get security around your circumstances.