Law Firm in Spain

Law Firm in Spain

SpainDesk is a law firm in Spain that works as an entrust legal support. Every client is unique; that’s why our lawyer’s team uses an individual approach to solve a client’s legal problems. We deeply analyze all aspects of each transaction and offer the most effective solutions.

SpainDesk’s experts deal with all your legal matters and provide a quick result within a short limit of time. We are ready to become your legal assistant in solving a wide range of issues.

You can entrust legal support at SpainDesk, and we assure you that your interests will be in good hands. We work in the areas of business & consulting, fiscal & accounting, and legal & procedural. So, if you visit Spain and you wish to establish connections that are important for your life and economic interests; please contact us.

Legal support of transactions in Spain

To find the optimal solution to your problems, consult SpainDesk and get the best individual approach of lawyers. We provide legal support for transactions in Spain. Our goal is to protect the rights of principals that’s why we provide legal support while focusing on the individual approach to solving a significant legal problem.

We have long-term partnerships with clients who highly appreciate our approach to solving legal problems. A significant part of our clients is business owners, who prefer not only our legal services but also developing a trustworthy relationship with us. We resolve their issues concerning their economic and vital interests.

The list of SpainDesk clients has included developers, charity organizations, real estate organizers and businessmen. We are fully confident to appreciate our ability to quickly resolve complex issues and conclude transactions in Spain.

Get assistance from a law firm in Spain

Are you stuck in challenging situations? Visit SpainDesk and get the help of professional lawyers. Our law firm in Spain is famous for the best legal service in downtown Spain.

We use all legal means to protect the interests of the client because we have enough knowledge of the law and monitor legislative changes as well as judicial practice.

We have many years of legal experience, and we cooperate with local construction and real estate companies, as well as with representatives of the investment sector. Therefore, SpainDesk believes in providing quality legal assistance in Spain.

Law firm in Spain

How can SpainDesk help you in your legal matter?

We provide full legal support to our clients and help them with their difficulties. After all, impeccable years of practice are our best guarantor.

SpainDesk offers legal services in Spain. We are a clear and entrusted law firm in Spain, specializing in the areas of commercial, corporate and immigration law. We work with investment projects and conduct real estate transactions. Here are our law firm Spain services:

1. Business & corporate matters

  • Restructuring, registration and liquidation of companies
  • Trademark registration
  • Accounting services
  • Legal support of companies that participate in the business development projects
  • Regulation of corporate and commercial legal relations
  • Legal support of businesses on the purchase and sale of transactions
  • Representation in courts, arbitration and state

2. Legal & procedural matters

  • Legal diligence of the acquired property
  • Checking sales contracts and other documents
  • Independent analysis and verification of the legal purity of transactions with real estate
  • Full legal support of real estate transactions in Spain
  • Representation of interests in court in housing and real estate disputes

3. Family relationship

  • Drafting marriage contracts
  • Dissolution of marriages and division of property
  • Recovery of alimony
  • Establishing rights for children
  • Family dispute resolution in court

4. Fiscal & Accounting

  • Maintainance of all the legal and financial accounts
  • Legal assessment of investment risks of the object
  • Analysis of the financial and economic activities
  • Formation of recommendations for asset protection
  • Assessment of the risks of prosecution by government agencies and counterparties

We provide legal support to entrepreneurs, investors and individuals. We give precious advice to our clients and conclude different types of contracts daily. Our law firm in Spain uses an individual approach to solving problems. We value your trust and respect your confidence. Also, we are liable to offer long-term partnerships without any risk-sharing ability.

Our professional team considers the business peculiarities of the local mentality and provides practical solutions to a wide range of legal issues. At SpainDesk, you will get all the legal support for transactions, whether for investors, individuals, entrepreneurs and legal entities.

Legal aid in Spain

SpainDesk provides the service of legal aid in Spain. Our team of lawyers will help you to understand the local legislation. We understand the most complicated and challenging situations; as a result, we provide the best legal aid service that comes into our client’s requirements.

It isn’t easy in Spain to find the right business and legal service that comes into your budget. But when you choose SpainDesk, your worries are going to end. Once consulted, the rest will be handled by our professional team of legal aid lawyers.

With our legal aid assistance, you don’t need to face trouble anymore. We give special attention to our client’s requirements.

Why choose SpainDesk?

  1. Our lawyers specialize in various branches of law
  2. We offer a better solution to the concrete situation
  3. We assume legal defense in legal proceedings in criminal
  4. Our legal aid lawyers solve all legal questions
  5. We handle all the legal matters administrative or arbitration

Want effective Legal aid in Spain? Consider our dynamic law firm that handles all legal matters. Our professional lawyers have respective specialties because of trained enough with extensive experience in criminal law, family law, civil law, property law, and all the other legal court proceedings.

Legal Aid Service in Spain:

At SpainDesk, you will get all the solutions to your problem. In some cases, you don’t even need to go to court because our experts handle all the court proceedings on your behalf. Our firm is fully authorized to provide the service of legal aid in Spain. The best part is, our lawyers speak English and Spanish language, so there are no issues regarding language preference. We have lawyers that specialize in the legal area such areas as:

  • Property division
  • Family relationships
  • Divorce
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Insurance
  • Rental of property
  • Sales contracts

Righteously, we know that finding Legal aid in Spain seems complicated to you because of many legal matters. Once you consult SpainDesk, we will manage all the access for legal proceedings. You must hand over all the financial documentation to our legal aid lawyer.

Law firm in Spain


How to Choose a Good Legal Aid Lawyer in Spain?

A good lawyer has enough knowledge regarding law and is not afraid to handle court proceedings. At SpainDesk, you can consult legal aid lawyers that speak the English language. Whether you’re a citizen of Spain or not, you will get the same excellent service.

Choosing a legal lawyer is a crucial and responsible step when you badly need a lawyer who puts out the complexity of your case. Keep the following three points in mind before choosing a legal service:

  • Check the lawyer’s reputation

A legal firm is famous for its satisfactory service because they usually build up a good reputation when they win cases. At SpainDesk, you will get a trustworthy legal service that never provides an unsatisfactory result. We adopt new ways to handle legal matters.

  • Verify the legal information of the firm

Before picking up legal aid in Spain, check the legal information of the firm. A professional firm has an official website where everything is mentioned clearly to check the legal services. Meanwhile, this is an informative way to check how severe they are and defend their interest in handling cases. When you visit the SpainDesk office, you will be thoroughly guided by our experts. We also provide our legal information to our customers if they demand it.

  • Analyze their working quality

During the first meeting, could you pay attention to their working quality? Carefully observe how the lawyer communicates with you and how they build a trusting relationship. The SpainDesk lawyers provide a guarantee for the future success of your case.

At SpainDesk, our lawyers have extensive experience that gives our firm a unique perspective in their respective specialties. We are fully aware of globalization’s demand for legal aid services; thus, we follow various legal systems for the benefit of our clients. We pay special attention to the client’s needs and provide the service that satisfied our client. If you have any queries regarding legal services, visit