Criminal Lawyer in Spain: Discover Our Services

Criminal lawyer in Spain

In search of a criminal lawyer in Spain? Legal services in criminal cases are the most difficult areas in the field of jurisprudence that doesn’t tolerate any experiments. The solution should be approached confidently, promptly and competently.

Sometimes, an innocent person may end up in the dock because of an investigator’s mistake or false accusation – when the evidence found at the crime scene represents that a person has absolutely nothing to do with this offence.

Only an experienced criminal lawyer can prove your innocence in the case. At SpainDesk, you may find experienced criminal lawyers that relatively can you support through difficult situation. We know this situation is quite stressful, that’s why we try to immediately provide our service.

When do you need a criminal lawyer?

There can be many reasons why you need a criminal lawyer. You can consult with us when:

  1. A criminal case initiated against you or your loved ones;
  2. There are threats of extortion in your address;
  3. Your relative or acquaintance is detained by law enforcement
  4. You don’t know what to do and how to defend your rights when communicating with representatives of law enforcement agencies;
  5. You are threatened and frightened by filing a crime report against you;
  6. The police officers are abusing their powers, misleading you, and you urgently need a criminal defence lawyer.

Why choose our legal service

SpainDesk offers legal service in Spain; professionals that know how to defend their client in the worst situation and save them from punishment. Our professional lawyers first collect evidence; after that, conduct the required examinations, and find witnesses. Our criminal lawyer will:

  • Monitor compliance with the law during these procedures;
  • Present at the client’s interrogations and investigative actions;
  • Ensure the anonymity of the client.

A criminal lawyer in Spain will take care of the seizure of irrelevant evidence that may harm the client. Only an expert lawyer plans a correct strategy of behaviour in court to prove the innocence of the client and minimize the consequences for him.

The criminal lawyers that work with SpainDesk will draw up the necessary complaints, appeals, file and obtain the appointment of additional examinations.

Effective support

SpainDeskhas a team of criminal lawyers in Spain who are ready to take up the most difficult cases. We provide effective support at each stage of criminal proceedings. We also provide different advantages to our clients when a person chooses SpainDesk for getting help or advice. Keep in mind, in our working process we do not use any templates.

We believe that every case is unique, and the assistance of a criminal lawyer is carried out through a carefully planned strategy.

What legal services do we offer?

SpainDesk offers the best service of criminal lawyer in Spain, through following these steps:

  • Brief consultation on the phone.
  • Make an appointment in the office with a specialized criminal lawyer.
  • Study the case file and give a recommendation.
  • Conclusion of an agreement
  • Study the criminal case material at the time of handling the case
  • Recommendations on the case future and building a defence position
  • Draw up the necessary motions in the case.
  • Constant notification of the principal about the progress of the case
  • Visit the accused at the place of his detention.
  • Participation in all investigative actions or court hearings