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Do you want to live in Spain? Our immigration lawyer in Spain can assist you in making this goal come true. We can take care of all the complicated legal immigration procedures Spain has.

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    Immigration Law services in Spain

    By helping our clients with our immigration services, our work positively impacts the people we serve. We are here to get you your residence permit, and increase your economic self-sufficiency and create new opportunities in Spain.

    We have competent and experienced immigration lawyers in Spain who handle all our cases affiliated with immigration, residency permits, visas, and more. Our team consists of licensed lawyers, paralegals, and advisors who adhere to the best service standards.

    Our goal is to empower the ex-pat community through local, state, and federal laws. We offer services designed to protect individuals, families, and businesses that want to move into Spain.

    What we can do as your immigration lawyer in Spain

    At SpainDesk, our immigration experts first evaluate your situation. After that, they make a custom plan to help you proceed further. The steps we take entail:

    • Explain your Spanish immigration matters
    • Fill in required documents
    • Communicate with Spanish authorities
    • Manage your visa application efficiently
    • Appeal waivers
    • Explain Spanish law

    Whether you need a Golden Visa, Student Visa, Work Visa, or Spanish Citizenship, we can help you. Our immigration lawyers in Spain are here to assist you through every step of the process. Contact us today for Spanish legal advice.

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    SpainDesk: The Immigration Lawyer Spain

    Immigration is our strong point. Our immigration lawyers in Spain can answer any questions you have about visa’s, the visa application permanent residence and Spanish citizenship. For example,

    1. What medical certificates do I need?
    2. Which visa options do I have?
    3. How to get a permanent residency permit?
    4. What are all the required documents?
    5. How do I start a business in Spain?

    If you don’t speak the Spanish language and need assistance getting Spanish residency, SpainDesk is at your service. Our goal is to help you quickly and conveniently with the immigration services we offer.

    Why get help from an immigration lawyer in Spain

    Immigration to Spain includes legal documentation, logistics, and organizational aspects, all done in a strict procedure. The Spanish bureaucracy can be overwhelming and challenging to navigate, even for those who are fluent in Spanish.

    That’s where our immigration lawyers can step in and help you every step of the way. Getting residency visas can take up to six months to a year. If you don’t want to delay it even more, an immigration lawyer is your best bet.

    We make your specific matter easier

    Secure immigration to Spain

    Information about our immigrating to Spain

    In the article below we will talk about some basic information regarding immigration to Spain. This information can be outdated, and should not be seen as legal advice. We suggest you speak with an immigration lawyer in Spain in order to get the most accurate and current information.

    Types of visa’s and immigration documentations in Spain

    Golden Visa

    The Golden Visa in Spain is also called the investment visa. It is a residency permit granted to foreigners who invest a large amount of money in Spain. For property investments, this is €500,000, and for other investments the up to €2 million. There are also other strict requirements to get a Golden Visa.

    The Golden Visa gives quick access to permanent residency a. After five years, it is possible to gain permanent residence and, after ten years, citizenship.

    EU Blue card

    The European Blue Card is a residence permit that allows highly skilled workers to work in Spain. To be eligible for the Blue Card, you must have a valid work contract and meet certain educational requirements. The permit is valid for 1 to 4 years; when the same conditions apply, the immigration office will give an extension of the residency permit.

    Student Visa

    The student visa in Spain helps international students study in Spanish universities and schools. Applying for a student visa is possible if you are accepted to a school or university in Spain and meet the other requirements. The Visa is valid for the duration of your studies.

    Non-lucrative residence Visa

    The Non-lucrative Visa is for people that don’t intend to work in Spain. Non-lucrative residency is ideal for pensions, and that is why this Visa is also called the retirement visa, and it is indeed made for retiring in Spain. To pass the application for non-lucrative residency, you will need sufficient financial means to sustain yourself in Spain.

    Entrepreneurs visa

    The entrepreneur’s Visa in Spain is for foreigners who are interested in starting or buying a business in Spain. Starting a business in Spain is not enough; you should also support yourself and your family during the first months of the company and contribute to the Spanish economy.

    Work Visa

    This work and residence permit is for foreigners who have a valid job offer from a company in Spain. The company must be registered with Social Security and meet other requirements. The work visa is good for the duration of your employment contract. Your employer will have to put the application process in motion.

    Permanent residency permit

    After residing in Spain for 2-10 years on a temporary residency permit, it is possible to apply for a permanent residency permit. The time when you can apply for it depends on many factors. In general, we can make the applications after staying for five years.

    Spanish citizenship

    After holding several residence permits, you can apply for Spanish nationality. Spanish nationals have other rights and benefits, such as voting and working rights in any country in the European Union. To apply for Spanish nationality, you will have to meet specific requirements, like passing a language test and proving your knowledge of Spanish culture. The NIF number is the tax identification number that every Spanish citizen holds. This number will be obtained for you when applying for Spanish citizenship.

    NIE Number

    For many bureaucratic procedures in Spain, you need a NIE. It is a tax identification number for foreigners, and it is necessary to get certain services, open a bank account, buy real estate, etc.

    Visa application process

    In short, to immigrate to Spain, we will apply for a visa to the Spanish embassy in your home country. The embassy then transmits the paperwork to the Spanish authorities. If granted, you’ll be required to pick up your Visa from the embassy before coming to Spain.

    Our team has many years of experience with the Spanish visa system and will help you submit a robust application. However, the Spanish visa application process can be tedious, but our immigration lawyers will guide you through every step of the way. Contact us today for more information.

    Application appeal

    Spanish immigration law can sometimes be challenging; we will handle the entire administrative appeal procedure if the initial filing is refused. We understand that immigration is a complicated process for you. Still, you don’t need to worry anymore because we have a team of immigration lawyers in Spain that completes all the process on your behalf.

    Other services we offer

    Below you can find services we offer to ex-pats in Spain.

    Property buying guidance

    Immigration to Spain often entails buying a property. Our property lawyers in Spain can assist you through the entire process and make sure your purchase follows Spanish law and the seller is not trying to rip you off. Next, we will create the real estate contract, which can be challenging even for native Spanish speakers.

    Furthermore, we will assist you by reviewing the property, property registration, contract, explaining all limiting legalities involved, and ensuring that your interests are protected. Next to this, our property lawyers in Spain will also assist you with any additional paperwork that the Spanish authorities might require.

    Tax services

    Need help filling in your tax forms? Our tax professionals in Spain will take care of all your tax-related needs. We have many years of experience with the Spanish tax system and know the pitfalls.

    Get assistance with income tax, property tax, wealth tax, inheritance tax and let us do your Spanish tax declarations. We will do the work so that you can enjoy

    Company formation

    Do you want to take your own company, or start a new company in Spain? Our corporate lawyers can assist you with all laws and registrations that are required for company formation in Spain.

    We also provide the monthly, quarterly and yearly tax declarations for you and any form requirements your company has. Our Spanish accountants also offer payroll administration, tax advice, and bookkeeping services. Ask for a quote.

    Frequently asked questions about Spanish Immigration Law

    To get the Golden Visa via property investment, one must buy a property worth more than 500.000 Euros in Spain. We discuss the other requirements in our blog about the Golden Visa Spain

    This depends on the Visa. A tourist visa is for 90 days. A Golden Visa is typically for 1 to 2 years, and a permanent visa is for a permanent residency.

    Yes, if all conditions are met, and nothing has changed in the law. You can get an extension of your Visa.

    The cost to get a visa depends on many factors, such as what Visa you need and the additional services you require. Contact us to get a quote.

    It means “Número de Identificación para Extranjeros”; it’s the Foreigner Identification Number. It allows you to perform economical activities in Spain such as buying a house or a car.

    You can submit a request for a NIE online. You will need to make an appointment at the Spanish consulate or embassy to pick up you NIE.

    Ready to get started? We are here to help you with legal, financial, and business services in Spain!