Labour & Social Security Law Services in Spain

For an organization, discovering new talents is a continuous process; the same goes with issues that may arise with employment. Although a business can get the maximum out of its employment relationship, labor law matters could become flaws to a company’s or the employee’s reputation if not properly handled.

Labour Law & Social Security in Spain

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    At SpainDesk, we understand that the Human workforce is an essential resource that can boost an organization’s productivity. As a result, we commit genuinely to our client’s employment needs by striving to exceed expectations while meeting the legislative requirement.

    Our firm’s main objective is to offer a comprehensive legal labor service that protects the rights and interests of our clients. Whether they are companies or workers, anyone can take advantage of our labor service and HR solutions.

    Our labor and social security service comprise of the following:

    • Labor advice to companies and their workers through the study, preparation, and legalization of all types of labor contracts.
    • Professional assistance before labor inspectors.
    • Representation and advice in conciliation hearings or comply with the procedural requirement.
    • Judicial and extrajudicial representation of the employer before the labor courts and offices in which ordinary labor, labor executive, and union jurisdiction’s practices are processed.
    • Advisory regarding hiring, outsourcing, groups, and liquidation of employees.
    • Review of employment and service contracts, protecting industrial property and business secrets, confidentiality, and exclusivity clauses.
    • Advice on collective bargaining, arbitration tribunals.
    • Legal advice and judicial and extrajudicial representation in health, pensions, professional risks, severance pay, compensation for dismissal without just cause, and workers’ vacations.

    What do we offer?

    At SpainDesk, our expert lawyers collaborate with our clients to address their employment concerns. Further, we give legal advice on company responsibilities regarding social benefits, liquidations, compensations, and unlawful demobilization.

    Here are some of the services that we offer:

    • Contractual advice for companies.
    • Advice on work disabilities.
    • Advice on occupational diseases.
    • Legal advice on candidate searching and selection processes.
    • Collective suspension of employment contracts.
    • Advice on salary benefits.
    • Advice on calls of attention or employee sanctions.
    • Advice on occupational diseases.
    • Advice on security studies for employees.

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