Commercial and Mercantile Law Services in Spain

Our commercial law department in Spain has a deep knowledge of the legislation and practice. Our team’s specialization allows us to provide comprehensive advice in all areas sucg as: Corporate Law, Financial Law, Commercial Contracts, Mergers and Acquisitions, Securities Market, and Insurance Law.

Commercial and Mercantile Law in Spain

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    Our lawyers have experience in labor issues such as: dismissals, collective bargaining, employment contracts, prevention of labor risk, and other custom requests. SpainDesk associates will provide solutions and resolve disputes related to wrongful dismissal and allegations of misconduct. The benefit of choosing our firm in Spain is you will get an extraordinary social security and labor law representation.

    Our commercial lawyers can help prepare and negotiate all types of business contracts, advising the contracting parties depending on their legal nature, terms and conditions, and other queries made on this matter. Our specialists have extensive knowledge of the main sectors of activity, capable of addressing and developing the specific aspects required in each case.

    We have extensive experience in commercial law and advising on the law for companies, either as secretaries of commercial companies’ boards of directors or legal advisers. The commercial law department includes, among other aspects, the services of company incorporation, statutory reforms, and corporate restructuring. We are specialists in advising these companies in Commercial Law on good governance rules and the adaptation and compliance with the codes of conduct in this matter.

    We regularly participate in drafting regulations for shareholders’ meetings, boards of directors, and board committees. We also advise on corporate governance reports required by current regulations.

    Benefits to hire our services

    Our clients will have a better understanding of the law when they hire our firm in Spain. Taking a wrong legal step could be devastating for any business, so we make it easier for clients to navigate the legal landscape of running a business while solving complex situations within the broad spectrum of commercial law.  Do you need help today? We offer you different possibilities, and you can discuss further information on commercial law in the various areas below:

    • Economic advisory
    • Legal advice
    • Creditors contests
    • Capital companies
    • Concursal Law

    If you want to hire a Commercial Lawyer, get in touch with us as soon as possible; we will respond and find solutions to your problem.

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