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Every business needs legal support from the time of registration until the completion of activities. A business lawyer is a highly qualified legal service expert that handles all legal matters. A lawyer is responsible for collecting taxes from counterparties, participating in arbitration courts and resolving disputes. Today, a business lawyer in Spain has great importance because of every businessman’s desire to connect with the best legal firm.

A business lawyer can independently change tax legislation to prevent violations and be able to prepare financial statements on behalf of clients. At SpainDesk, you will connect with a professional business lawyer in Spain, who gives guidelines in the legal matter of business.

A lawyer who has expertise in business law is an expert in many legal matters as a privileged interlocutor of companies, for instance, commercial law, intellectual property, real estate, employment law mergers and acquisitions. Our Business lawyer is the essential desire of every business because legal issue occurs in any part of life.

How does our legal business service work?

A business lawyer is a professional who deals with regulatory matters in the corporate sector. A lawyer must give a good response to his client, so it’s easy to develop a trust level. SpainDesk is a legal firm that has an expert team of business lawyers, and they fulfill several types of missions, like:

  1. Give advice: our business lawyer guides all the strategic decisions of your business. We also give up to date with the regulations in force, the business lawyer in Spain ensures to develop a good reputation for our customers in the market.
  2. Preparation of business contracts: our business lawyer also specialized in corporate law for creating drafts for commercial agreements.
  3. Proper Litigation: At the time of the dispute, you might concern about the contract execution process, so you don’t need to worry at all because our business lawyer gives proper assistance before going to the commercial court.

What are our main missions for business law?

Are you finding a reputable business lawyer in Spain? When you consider SpainDesk, you will consult with our best business lawyers who speak the English language and can communicate clearly. Following are some offered services:

  • Legal security of business: Before you implement your business, you must focus on the legal proceeding of your business like contractual law, partnership or registration process. For legal security, you need to hire our service. Our expert enforces all the legal processes through a legal contract.
  • Materialize structural reorganizations: Legal support is the backbone of every business. There are many phases when you desire to hire a business lawyer in Spain, for instance, reorganizing the distribution of capital, changing the legal form of the company and managing mergers. When a business is stuck in a difficult situation, only the SpainDesk business lawyers have the solution to your problem.
  • Protect the intangible assets of the company: It’s good advice to save your precious intangible assets through a legal proceeding. Somehow, we must protect intangible assets.
  • Allow financing activity: We understand that the legal terms are denser than obtaining credit from the bank in any business case. At this point, our expert business lawyers will use their mastery of stock market, financial and banking law.
  • Secure relations with the tax authorities: Conflicts with the tax authorities, while following company declarations, whereas tax audit is also part of almost every company. Our specialized lawyer will use his knowledge of tax law to defend our client’s business situation.

Which law does a SpainDesk business lawyer follow?

  • Industrial property law and trademark law defend the intangible assets of companies
  • Banking law of payment instruments
  • Financial law helpful for all credit and activity financing issues including stock market law
  • Labor law, for all relations with the company’s employees and their representatives

SpainDesk offers affordable legal services with complete guidance. Also, we handle labor or lease disputes that often arise in any company’s activities. Righteously, every company has a strong relationship with business lawyers, but they only hire temporary, rather than full-time.

If you want to hire a business lawyer in Spain, consult SpainDesk.

Business attorney in Spain

Every business owner can come into a situation where hiring a business attorney is a good idea. A business attorney can handle all legal matters and that can save you from legal complications. At SpainDesk, you will get the best service of a business attorney in Spain. We are here to provide legal support and are ready to help our clients at any time.

We understand that businessman’s time is precious, and they didn’t have enough time to manage the legal proceeding. A business lawyer draws up all the documentation processes and approves it from the court under the right circumstances.

SpainDesk offers the best business attorney service on various issues related to entrepreneurial activity and provides services of defense in court, drafting documents, and statements of claim. What will you get from SpainDesk business attorney service?

  1. Legal advice for businesses, whether small or large
  2. Drawing up any type of contracts
  3. legal analysis of possible transactions
  4. Representation in arbitration courts, if necessary;
  5. Support for complex transactions
  6. Timely information for the process of the case
  7. Legal analysis through the prism of the client.
  8. Survey business consequences

Our business lawyer has enough experience to handle legal matters for all entrepreneurial activities. Our professional business lawyers advise on various issues related to business activity and provide exemplary legal service. We didn’t prefer that our clients wait for a longer time, that’s why we solve your issue within a couple of days.

Is hiring a business attorney in Spain feasible for you?

It is impossible to assess our business attorney service in a formulaic way and give a general figure. To determine the specific cost of a business attorney in Spain service, you need to contact SpainDesk legal office through our helpline number or visit the office physically.

Our expert business lawyers provide proper guidelines and offer the service that comes into the client’s budget. When you consult with us, you will significantly save money by getting the help of our lawyers specializing in business disputes.

Our lawyers are well aware and able to work with the problems of today’s business in Spain. Almost all organizations face issues from time to time that requires competent legal action. SpainDesk provides an extensive list of legal business services, for instance:

  • Arbitration
  • Rental disputes
  • Disputes between founders
  • Consulting
  • Disputes with employees
  • Drawing up internal local acts
  • Debt collection from counterparties
  • Other issues arising in business

Legal system in Spain

What will you get from us?

Our business attorneys will help you in legal matters as well as all the court proceedings if necessary. We want you to never face unnecessary legal difficulties. Our team of lawyers draws up a claim statement that proceeds in court. Our primary target is to provide a service that represents and protects the interests of your organization in court.

At SpainDesk, we handle every business attorney matter because we speak the English language, and can communicate clearly. It entirely depends on the customer’s desire to attend the arbitration court; otherwise, it is okay. Sometimes it is not possible to reach a solution peacefully at the time of resolving a dispute on your own; thus the most optimal suggestion would be to contact our professional business lawyers.

We listen to your queries and help you determine the best action. We also offer a business lawyer facility in the field of labor relations between an employee and an employer.

Our business lawyers in Spain are ready to manage the internal documentation of your company, for instance:

  • Dismissal orders
  • Absence certificates
  • Local regulations
  • Contracts

If you have any doubts when registering the employee’s dismissal, related to the observance procedure; thus, our lawyers will be able to advise you and draw up documents for the release of an employee.

We give a guarantee that we recover your business’s moral damage and handle every most challenging situation to win the case. Our main target is our client’s satisfaction, and it only comes when we complete all the court proceedings and get the desired result.

When you visit SpainDesk.com, you will get details of our legal service, and if you want to contact us, you can dial our helpline number. Also, you can consult us through our website and book your appointment with a business attorney in Spain.


SpainDesk family lawyer establishes the procedure for concluding and terminating a marriage and also handles the consequences of declaring invalid marriage. Our family lawyer in Spain offers complete guidance and free advice at the time you consult us.

When a family conflict arises, most people make mistakes because they don’t know the legal consequences. To avoid any mistakes, you need to hire our service as early as possible. It will help to smoothly come out from the conflict situation and defend rights in a civilized manner. Often, consulting SpainDesk professional lawyers will allow you to resolve complex issues with minimal losses.

A family lawyer has the exclusive right to receive alimony and apply in court with an application for the recovery of alimony. A different situation comes into our life where we need to consult a family lawyer, whether divorce, property division, return of money or alimony recovery.

Get the best service from SpainDesk

Today, family disputes are a very common and widespread phenomenon that’s the reason people are increasingly turning to hiring a family lawyer. SpainDesk family lawyer speaks fluent English and Spanish, so it’s easy to communicate with the client.

Family disputes can be any disputes between parents, spouses, children, and other family members regarding personal or property rights. The family lawyers of our SpainDesk legal firm have extensive experience in resolving family disputes in Spain. Here is the list of our family lawyer services:

  1. Consultation of a lawyer on family issues
  2. The assistance of a lawyer in a divorce
  3. Division of the jointly acquired property of the spouses in court
  4. Services of a lawyer invalidation of marriage
  5. Recovery of alimony for the maintenance of children, spouse, as well as disabled parents
  6. Determine the child’s place of residence
  7. Determine help to communicate with the child
  8. Legal services in cases of establishing and challenging paternity
  9. Attorney for deprivation of parental rights
  10. Assistance in drawing up a marriage contract
  11. Legal services for the allocation of a marital share
  12. Consultation and legal assistance in the adoption of a child
  13. An agreement on the payment of alimony

Family lawyer in Spain

SpainDesk Family Lawyer Services in Spain

We believe that a good professional accompanies the case from start to finish. With SpainDesk, you can easily win the case because we have a team of family lawyers in Spain that will go all the way with you.

Are you living in Spain and worried about finding the best family lawyer? SpainDesk has a team of qualified family lawyers looking forward to helping you. We are ready to tackle a conflict of any complexity. Our experts have an attentive attitude to the case nuances and the observance of the guarantee of the lawyer’s secrecy.

SpainDesk is a famous legal firm that offers a truly reliable and affordable service. When you consider our service, we will perform the following tasks:

  • We meet with the principal and give advice on family law matters
  • We first analyze the received documentation of the case
  • We negotiate with the second party for a peaceful settlement of the conflict
  • We create a list of essential evidence of the case that is useful to substantiate a position on family conflict
  • We request evidence for further presentation
  • We appeal against the court decision in the appeal, cassation and supervisory instance
  • We evaluate the judicial perspective of the case
  • We draw up and apply to the court
  • We participate in the court session
  • We appeal against interim judgments

SpainDesk family lawyers in Spain will help you to defend your rights and interests. We also prevent hurdles to winning the case. Our professional team understands legal law and formalities, to provide a quick service at the time you consult. If you want to hire our service or want legal advice, please make a call and book your appointment first.

We give a guarantee that you will conclude a positive result at the end of the case because our target is to win the case in court. When you visit our office, you will learn how to achieve the desired result at the first consultation.

SpainDesk is a law firm in Spain that works as an entrust legal support. Every client is unique; that’s why our lawyer’s team uses an individual approach to solve a client’s legal problems. We deeply analyze all aspects of each transaction and offer the most effective solutions.

SpainDesk’s experts deal with all your legal matters and provide a quick result within a short limit of time. We are ready to become your legal assistant in solving a wide range of issues.

You can entrust legal support at SpainDesk, and we assure you that your interests will be in good hands. We work in the areas of business & consulting, fiscal & accounting, and legal & procedural. So, if you visit Spain and you wish to establish connections that are important for your life and economic interests; please contact us.

Legal support of transactions in Spain

To find the optimal solution to your problems, consult SpainDesk and get the best individual approach of lawyers. We provide legal support for transactions in Spain. Our goal is to protect the rights of principals that’s why we provide legal support while focusing on the individual approach to solving a significant legal problem.

We have long-term partnerships with clients who highly appreciate our approach to solving legal problems. A significant part of our clients is business owners, who prefer not only our legal services but also developing a trustworthy relationship with us. We resolve their issues concerning their economic and vital interests.

The list of SpainDesk clients has included developers, charity organizations, real estate organizers and businessmen. We are fully confident to appreciate our ability to quickly resolve complex issues and conclude transactions in Spain.

Get assistance from a law firm in Spain

Are you stuck in challenging situations? Visit SpainDesk and get the help of professional lawyers. Our law firm in Spain is famous for the best legal service in downtown Spain.

We use all legal means to protect the interests of the client because we have enough knowledge of the law and monitor legislative changes as well as judicial practice.

We have many years of legal experience, and we cooperate with local construction and real estate companies, as well as with representatives of the investment sector. Therefore, SpainDesk believes in providing quality legal assistance in Spain.

Law firm in Spain

How can SpainDesk help you in your legal matter?

We provide full legal support to our clients and help them with their difficulties. After all, impeccable years of practice are our best guarantor.

SpainDesk offers legal services in Spain. We are a clear and entrusted law firm in Spain, specializing in the areas of commercial, corporate and immigration law. We work with investment projects and conduct real estate transactions. Here are our law firm Spain services:

1. Business & corporate matters

  • Restructuring, registration and liquidation of companies
  • Trademark registration
  • Accounting services
  • Legal support of companies that participate in the business development projects
  • Regulation of corporate and commercial legal relations
  • Legal support of businesses on the purchase and sale of transactions
  • Representation in courts, arbitration and state

2. Legal & procedural matters

  • Legal diligence of the acquired property
  • Checking sales contracts and other documents
  • Independent analysis and verification of the legal purity of transactions with real estate
  • Full legal support of real estate transactions in Spain
  • Representation of interests in court in housing and real estate disputes

3. Family relationship

  • Drafting marriage contracts
  • Dissolution of marriages and division of property
  • Recovery of alimony
  • Establishing rights for children
  • Family dispute resolution in court

4. Fiscal & Accounting

  • Maintainance of all the legal and financial accounts
  • Legal assessment of investment risks of the object
  • Analysis of the financial and economic activities
  • Formation of recommendations for asset protection
  • Assessment of the risks of prosecution by government agencies and counterparties

We provide legal support to entrepreneurs, investors and individuals. We give precious advice to our clients and conclude different types of contracts daily. Our law firm in Spain uses an individual approach to solving problems. We value your trust and respect your confidence. Also, we are liable to offer long-term partnerships without any risk-sharing ability.

Our professional team considers the business peculiarities of the local mentality and provides practical solutions to a wide range of legal issues. At SpainDesk, you will get all the legal support for transactions, whether for investors, individuals, entrepreneurs and legal entities.

Legal aid in Spain

SpainDesk provides the service of legal aid in Spain. Our team of lawyers will help you to understand the local legislation. We understand the most complicated and challenging situations; as a result, we provide the best legal aid service that comes into our client’s requirements.

It isn’t easy in Spain to find the right business and legal service that comes into your budget. But when you choose SpainDesk, your worries are going to end. Once consulted, the rest will be handled by our professional team of legal aid lawyers.

With our legal aid assistance, you don’t need to face trouble anymore. We give special attention to our client’s requirements.

Why choose SpainDesk?

  1. Our lawyers specialize in various branches of law
  2. We offer a better solution to the concrete situation
  3. We assume legal defense in legal proceedings in criminal
  4. Our legal aid lawyers solve all legal questions
  5. We handle all the legal matters administrative or arbitration

Want effective Legal aid in Spain? Consider our dynamic law firm that handles all legal matters. Our professional lawyers have respective specialties because of trained enough with extensive experience in criminal law, family law, civil law, property law, and all the other legal court proceedings.

Legal Aid Service in Spain:

At SpainDesk, you will get all the solutions to your problem. In some cases, you don’t even need to go to court because our experts handle all the court proceedings on your behalf. Our firm is fully authorized to provide the service of legal aid in Spain. The best part is, our lawyers speak English and Spanish language, so there are no issues regarding language preference. We have lawyers that specialize in the legal area such areas as:

  • Property division
  • Family relationships
  • Divorce
  • Road traffic accidents
  • Insurance
  • Rental of property
  • Sales contracts

Righteously, we know that finding Legal aid in Spain seems complicated to you because of many legal matters. Once you consult SpainDesk, we will manage all the access for legal proceedings. You must hand over all the financial documentation to our legal aid lawyer.

Law firm in Spain


How to Choose a Good Legal Aid Lawyer in Spain?

A good lawyer has enough knowledge regarding law and is not afraid to handle court proceedings. At SpainDesk, you can consult legal aid lawyers that speak the English language. Whether you’re a citizen of Spain or not, you will get the same excellent service.

Choosing a legal lawyer is a crucial and responsible step when you badly need a lawyer who puts out the complexity of your case. Keep the following three points in mind before choosing a legal service:

  • Check the lawyer’s reputation

A legal firm is famous for its satisfactory service because they usually build up a good reputation when they win cases. At SpainDesk, you will get a trustworthy legal service that never provides an unsatisfactory result. We adopt new ways to handle legal matters.

  • Verify the legal information of the firm

Before picking up legal aid in Spain, check the legal information of the firm. A professional firm has an official website where everything is mentioned clearly to check the legal services. Meanwhile, this is an informative way to check how severe they are and defend their interest in handling cases. When you visit the SpainDesk office, you will be thoroughly guided by our experts. We also provide our legal information to our customers if they demand it.

  • Analyze their working quality

During the first meeting, could you pay attention to their working quality? Carefully observe how the lawyer communicates with you and how they build a trusting relationship. The SpainDesk lawyers provide a guarantee for the future success of your case.

At SpainDesk, our lawyers have extensive experience that gives our firm a unique perspective in their respective specialties. We are fully aware of globalization’s demand for legal aid services; thus, we follow various legal systems for the benefit of our clients. We pay special attention to the client’s needs and provide the service that satisfied our client. If you have any queries regarding legal services, visit SpainDesk.com.

Whether you are going to live, work or do business in Spain, it’s important to know at least a little bit about the legal system. In this article, you will learn about how the legal system in Spain works. You will also learn how it differs from other legal systems in the world.

Understanding the Legal System in Spain

Civil Law System

Spain has a similar legal system to Italy and France. It is called the “Civil Law System”, which is one of the most commonly used systems in the world. It is based on legal codes and comprehensive laws rooted in Roman and Napoleonic Law.

This is different from the US Common Law System. The Common Law System is based on the lifelong decisions made over and over by judges according to a more flexible range of laws approved by the parliament.

Legal system in Spain

Autonomous Communities

Spain applies Civil Law throughout its territory. There are however differences in the law for Autonomous Communities. They have their own Civil Laws which are applied according to the specific legal issue. These ‘organic laws’ mean “Estatutos de Autonomía”  in Spanish or Statutes of Autonomy. They are spread to all of the topics and matters that are not attributed to the state. Some of the matters are Public Order, Environmental Protection, Agriculture, inland fishing, Urban Planning and Housing, Festivals, Culture, Education, Public Health, and Social Assistance. It is important to have a lawyer that understands both national civil law and autonomous community laws.

The State

The State has exclusive responsibility in the following fields:

  • Nationality
  • Immigration
  • Exterior Politics and Asylum
  • International Relations
  • Defense and Security
  • Monetary System
  • Transportation (Ports, airports, trains)
  • Foreign trade
  • Sea Fishing
  • Treasury and State Debt
  • Public Works of Supraregional Interest
  • Referendums

The Local Authorities and Town Hall

The Local Authorities and Town Hall also have some power in several legal issues in Spain. These are normally directed to Public Local Services, Road Maintenance and Municipal Police. Also, Spain has a lot of routine police work and road controls, which are found in many other European countries as well. There are 3 organizations related to the Spanish police: The Civil Guard, The National Police and The Local Police. They all have different responsibilities and attributions, as well as several specialized forces for areas such as tax evasion, contraband and international crime.

When a person is met with a legal issue or dealing, it is highly recommended to contact a Spanish lawyer to determine whether it is necessary or not to take legal action.

The Administrative Process

In Spain, the Administrative Process establishes the relationship between the citizens and the Spanish Public Administration. The courthouses control the regulatory power and legality of all administrative acts and the fulfilment of the objectives that justify them.

Before any legal issue can be taken to Court, it is always needed to exhaust the administrative route.

If any Institution of the Spanish Public Administration harms you or your rights, you need to file a claim before the Administrative Institution. The Administrative Institution then need to respond or resolve. In case the person disagrees with the decision or does not receive any resolution within 3 months, the issue can be put before the Administrative Courts for revision.

If the dealing refers to the recognition and enjoyment of benefits included in Social Security. The legal term for the Public Administration to resolve is 1 month before the case can be brought up to the Court of Social Issues.

Legal system in Spain

Legal System in Spain: The Civil Judicial Process

In Spain, The Civil Prosecution Law has two ways to determine what type of judgement is applicable. In both cases, it looks at the matter and the claim, as well as four judicial procedures with different particularities, depending on the issues they carry.

The Ordinary Judgement or Trial is the most common for issues in the matters of intellectual property, general contracting conditions, urban leasing, and all lawsuits over the amount of 6.000 €. To initiate this process there needs to be a lawsuit. When admitted, the parties and a Lawyer would need to appear before the judge to reach an agreement. If the parties agree, a sentence of mandatory compliance will be issued. When there is no agreement then the case will be raised to an Oral Trial.

The Oral Trial or Verbal Judgement deals with matters where it is intended to regain possession of a property for lack of payment or precariously loaned, heritage, suspension or demolition of work, and lawsuits where the amount claimed is under 6.000 €. In this case, a lawsuit is also necessary to initiate the process. When admitted, the parties will appear before the judge, with the evidence and proof of their case. The judge then will review and place a sentence. A lawyer does not need to appear when the claim is under 2.000 €.

Legal Aid Available in Spain

The only available source of professional legal aid in Spain is a Lawyer. Most lawyers specialize in certain areas or fields of law, such as mercantile, labour, immigration, etc. At SpainDesk you can get services in all legal areas.

It is recommendable to find a local lawyer that can offer you services in your language instead of a lawyer of your own nationality. A lawyer of your own nationality may not know exactly how the Spanish legal system works. Once you find yourself being comfortable with a lawyer, you can designate him to represent you. It is not necessary to sign a service contract. You contract a lawyer by accepting the price and making the down payment.

Lawyer fees depend on the lawyer’s experience and expertise. The general price range is from 120 € to 300 € an hour. There are no “no win, no commission” agreements in Spain. However, in certain cases it is possible to get a fixed rate.

A word from SpainDesk

In conclusion, Spain has a solid legal system that guarantees the protection of the everyday rights of its citizens and compliance with obligations. However, it’s not near perfection. Spain is ranked number 23 out of 28 countries of the European Union in the 2016 Justice Scoreboard, which measures the freedom of the Justice System. It is number 23 out of 113 countries in the World Justice Project Rule of Law Index.

Disclaimer: Information on this page may be incomplete or outdated. Under no circumstances should the information listed be considered professional legal or financial advice. We highly recommend seeking guidance from a legal or financial expert if you lack extensive knowledge or experience dealing with any of the procedures outlined in these articles.

With the right advice, you can manage your administration in Barcelona better. Our Gestoria offers a large range of services in tax, legal, and other Spanish administrative bureaucracy.

Tax and Legal Advice for Living in Spain

Spain is a beautiful country with a rich culture and a diverse landscape. From the bustling streets of Madrid to the sandy beaches of the Costa del Sol, there is something for everyone in Spain. If you are thinking of making the move to this sunny country, there are a few things you need to know about taxes and legalities.

First, all residents of Spain are required to file an annual tax return. This can be done online or through a paper form, and it is important to include all sources of income, whether from employment, investments, or rental property. Failure to declare all income can result in hefty fines.

In addition, it is important to be aware of the Spanish inheritance tax laws. These laws can impact how much money your heirs will receive after your death, so it is advisable to seek professional advice before making any decisions. With a little planning and advice, you can make the transition to living in Spain smoothly and enjoy all that this wonderful country has to offer.

Tax and Legal Advice for Doing Business in Spain

Setting up a business in Spain can be a complex process, especially if you’re not familiar with the local tax and legal system. With so many regulations to navigate, it’s important to get expert advice to ensure that you’re in compliance with the law.

A good starting point is to consult with a tax advisor who can help you understand the requirements for filing your taxes in Spain. They can also advise you on the best way to structure your business to minimize your tax liability. In addition, it’s important to seek legal advice when setting up your business in Spain.

An experienced attorney can help you establish the appropriate legal entity for your business and draft the necessary contracts and agreements. They can also provide guidance on employment law, intellectual property law, and other areas of Spanish law that may affect your business. By getting expert advice from the start, you can avoid costly mistakes and ensure that your business is compliant with Spanish law.

Biggest issues for companies and people immigrating to Spain

There are a few key issues faced by companies and people immigrating to Spain. The first is the language barrier. While many Spaniards do speak English, it is not always possible to communicate effectively without a common language. This can make it difficult to build relationships with potential customers or clients.

Additionally, Spanish bureaucracy can be notoriously complicated, making it hard to navigate the process of setting up a new business. Finally, the economic recession has hit Spain hard, making it sometimes difficult to find work or grow a business. Despite these challenges, however, Spain remains an attractive destination for immigrants from all over the world.

What Services Does a Gestoria Offer?

A Gestoria is a Spanish term for a professional who provides administrative services. In Spain, these services are often used by businesses, but they can also be used by individuals. Gestorias can provide a wide range of services, including help with tax paperwork, residency applications, and property purchases.

They can also provide assistance with vehicle registration and driver’s license applications. In addition, Gestorias often have wide-ranging knowledge of Spanish laws and regulations, making them a valuable resource for anyone living in Spain.

Whether you’re looking to start a business or simply want to make your life in Spain a little easier, a Gestoria can be an invaluable asset.

List of services a Gestoria can offer:

Our Gestoria in Barcelona offers a wide range of administrative services to businesses and individuals. These services can include:

  • Help with tax paperwork
  • Residency applications
  • Property purchases
  • Vehicle registration
  • Driver’s license applications
  • Processing paperwork for tax purposes
  • Applying for licenses and permits
  • Managing payroll and employee benefits
  • Preparing legal documents
  • Filing insurance claims
  • Organizing financial records
  • Providing advice on Spanish law and regulations

A Gestoria can be a valuable resource for anyone living in Spain. By using the services of a Gestoria, you can save time and avoid potential problems with the Spanish bureaucracy.

Dealing with Spanish administrative bureaucracy

When it comes to bureaucracy, every country has its own share of red tape and frustrating procedures. However, in Spain, the processes with public bodies can often seem especially stressful.

Taxation in Spain can be complicated, and there are a number of different types of taxes that businesses and individuals must pay. In addition, the tax laws are constantly changing, so it’s important to stay up-to-date on the latest developments.

A good way to avoid problems with your taxes is to use the services of our Gestoria in Barcelona. They can assist you with accounting and tax compliance, as well as the complete management of your private or business matters related to Spanish bureaucracy.

Dealing with Spanish legal issues

If you are a company or individual with legal issues in Spain, you can use SpainDesk to get around the Spanish administration and legal system.

While some companies choose to handle their Spanish legal affairs through their own in-house counsel, this can be a costly and time-consuming process. Outsourcing your Spanish legal needs to a firm that specializes in Spanish law can save you both time and money.

Administrative management is our specialisation, and we have several high-quality lawyers who can advise you on the best way to resolve your legal issues.

Whether you are dealing with a contract dispute, tax liability, or any other type of legal issue, Contact our Gestoria in Barcelona, our team is ready to help you resolve your problem in a timely and efficient manner.

Civil lawyers can work on many different issues. They defend the client’s rights and appeals against judicial acts in civil cases. Today, finding the best civil lawyer in Spain can be difficult because of the many legal firms. Consider SpainDesk legal service, and we will provide you with the best services we can. We have a team of civil lawyers that know the Spanish law and will help protect your rights in Spain.

Our civil lawyer also appeals against the actions, interact with bailiffs, and handles the framework of enforcement proceedings. If you or your family members are stuck in a civil case in Spain, you might need a civil lawyer. We offer services for:

  • Compensation for damage in case of an accident
  • Insurance payments collection
  • Collection of debts on civil transactions and receipts
  • Challenging the will
  • Restoration from inheritance’s term
  • Protection of Consumer Rights
  • Compensation for damage
  • Recovery of alimony for minor children
  • Division of the common property of spouses
  • Deregistration

Civil law applies to the judicial authorities, and it will protect your rights and legitimate interests. If your problem is not possible without a civil court trial, we can assist you as a third party, defendant, or plaintiff. Our civil lawyer defends the interests of principals, whether general jurisdiction and arbitration courts. We manage your civil cases and are helpful in providing a satisfactory result.

Civil lawyer services in Spain

At SpainDesk, our civil lawyer can provide legal advice and represents your entity with a variety of issues. We have an expert team of civil lawyers here to serve you and solve all the legal problems.

Our civil lawyer in Spain can take care of:

  • Agreements, contracts, and other documents of a civil nature.
  • Conducts legal documents
  • Participates in the preparation of planned transactions
  • Manage the settlement of conflicts
  • Prepare a preliminary security check
  • Complete the process of registration of transactions
  • Prepares statements and responses to the claims brought to the judicial authorities;
  • An appeal against illegal and unfounded court decisions
  • Formalize an inheritance
  • Help to acquire property
  • State registration of rights
  • Registration of divorce

After contacting our civil law team, we will contact you and you can accept our legal representation service. We can offer you a complete package to manage your case. We give clear legal advice, can prepare a claim, and support you until the execution of a court decision. If you are looking for a civil lawyer in Spain, consult us today!

International lawyers in Spain

SpainDesk has a team of international lawyers in Spain that are here to help you on all international issues to minimize legal risks and find non-standard solutions. When you consult us, you probably ensure yourself that nothing threatens your property interests. Our international lawyers have a huge success rate through repeatedly won cases that are considered as hopeless!

However, an only experienced lawyer knows all the intricacies of legal formalities and ways to come out from difficult situations. At SpainDesk, you will connect with the best international lawyers in Spain that specialize in the following areas:

  1. International commercial arbitration
  2. International commercial law
  3. International private law
  4. attorney in international law
  5. International criminal law
  6. International banking law

SpainDesk international lawyer have knowledge of civil procedure, international law and international commercial arbitration. Our international lawyer provides quality assistance to our beloved clients and participates in court cases.

SpainDesk team of International lawyers handle all international issues:

Our team of international lawyers will be able to help our clients and also offer complete protection at the time of filing a complaint in the international court. SpainDesk professional lawyers know how to tackle difficult situation and how to manage everything on client’s demand.

Our international lawyers in Spain provide assistance to protect interests under international legal norms. SpainDesk international lawyer offer quality services in the following spheres of life:

  1. Liquidation and formation of offshore companies;
  2. Translation services in court cases;
  3. Reorganization of offshore companies;
  4. Enforcement proceedings;
  5. International civil procedure;
  6. Assistance in doing business abroad.

The primary purpose of hiring the services of international lawyers is the deep grip on the legislation of several countries. All our lawyers speak fluent English, so you never face any hurdle at the time of communicating with us.

International lawyers in Spain – Attorney in International Law

The unbreakable rule of the world’s law is to observe human rights first and after that compliance with international conventions between specific jurisdictions. Our International lawyers have extensive international experience; as a result, they help you to file a claim in the international court.

At SpainDesk, you will get the service of international lawyers in Spain that helps to solve the given problems:

  • Investing abroad;
  • Buying real estate abroad
  • Cooperation with foreign investors and partners;
  • Settlement of disputes under international law;
  • Business organization abroad;
  • Appealing a court decision to higher instances
  • Preparation of foreign economic agreements;

Our international lawyer’s team manage international arbitration and international business transactions. Also, they know the civil procedure, foreign law and all the other legal proceeding because of extensive experience.

SpainDesk’s international lawyers in Spain are ready to help you and even protect your rights in the most desperate and hopeless situations. Our expert lawyers thoroughly study all aspects of a disputable situation, after that help you form a solid evidence base,

Legal representation in Spain

Citizens can appear in court with the help of legal representative’s service. Following the law, any competent person acting under the power of legal attorney can provide representation services in court. Are you looking for reliable legal representation in Spain? If yes, then consult SpainDesk and get the guidance of expert lawyers.

SpainDesk legal lawyer play the role of partner who offer representation services in court, have the right to:

  1. Submit a statement of claim in the court
  2. Draw up and submit complaints, explanations, motions, and other papers
  3. Submit a write up of execution
  4. Provide written and oral legal advice
  5. Submit a counterclaim
  6. Appeal against court decisions
  7. Conclude a settlement agreement on behalf of the client
  8. Sign a statement of claim on behalf of the client
  9. Change the subject matter and the statement of claim
  10. Receive money issued within the enforcement proceedings.

SpainDesk specialists can provide representation services for civil or arbitration proceedings in court. We offer qualitative assistance of legal representation in Spain that is comprehensive and offers full-fledged clients protection.

Lawyer assistance in court: how much does legal representation cost?

Legal service for consulting a lawyer can play a crucial role in getting a favorable decision of your case. After all, SpainDesk lawyer-representative will be available for you almost 24/7 and provide the service clockwise.

Our main aim is to resolve the issue urgently and save your precious time. Meanwhile, our legal representative lawyers have diverse experiences that help you in every difficult situation. We can isolate the essence of your problem; after that, we think about solving it comprehensively – through simple and effective way. SpainDesk lawyers have the following advantages for representation in courts of general jurisdiction:

  1. Considerable knowledge and experience in various fields
  2. Representation is the lawyer’s main activity, which means that he knows the whole process in full detail.
  3. A clear understanding of the judicial system
  4. A well-developed system for filing applications
  5. Monitoring the progress of the case at all stages

The benefits of legal representation in Spain

SpainDesk offers legal services to solve the case’s internal and external problems on behalf of the client. We allocate the time first; after that, immediately determine which issues need to resolve first. Our legal representative lawyers have enough knowledge to provide legal support for enforcement proceedings.

Our experts understand the case situation Immediately because of best practice in legal service and helpful in obtaining positive court decisions. We decide the legal representative fee at the start of the case; sometimes, the client agrees to an hourly rate or sometimes pays at once.

Nowadays, the current legislation provides the vast possibility of citizens, including individuals and legal entities, that appeal for the protection of rights. Professional representation is the only right solution for those who have not a direct relationship with jurisprudence. However, to solve all the legal matters, you need the support of our SpainDesk specialist lawyers familiar with all the regulatory framework of intricacies.

Are we searching for legal representation in Spain? We are glad to invite you to visit our official web page called SpainDesk.com and get the main directions regarding our service. Each of our clients can get comprehensive support at each stage of cooperation, from preparation to judicial consideration of cases in various law areas.

Why hire our lawyer service?

However, international economic activity can’t be accomplished without connected professional lawyers with the practice of international litigation. The reason behind this is, many issues arise when dealing internationally. When you consider SpainDesk, you are free from the stressful situation because our team of international lawyers in Spain never disappoint you.

SpainDesk legal service helps to support a global business and resolve legal disputes. Our international lawyers have enough knowledge of international law and assist according to international law. We know the importance of our client’s time and money, that’s why our lawyers in Spain here serve you 24/7.

If you’re not a citizen of Spain, and you need international legal service that helps you in every matter then consider SpainDesk for best international lawyer assistance. Don’t worry about all the international court processing because we manage everything on our client behalf. International lawyers are different from ordinary lawyers because they deal internationally.

Why choose our service?

A civil lawyer is a broad-based specialist who knows the norms of civil legislation. Additionally, civil lawyers have enough knowledge related to branches of law, such as housing, family, labour, inheritance, land, and others. The need to hire a civil lawyer arises when you want legal assistance to resolve the property and non-property conflicts and disagreements.

When you consult our civil lawyers in Spain they will guide you through your rights and obligations. We effectively represent the interests of our client’s organizations and citizens in general jurisdiction court. Our legal civil law services include:

  • Preparation and drafting of a claim
  • Filing a claim in court
  • Drafting petitions and statements during the process
  • Developing a strategy and tactics for conducting a case
  • Consulting throughout the entire process

Our civil lawyers can help you with your rights and formalize your obligations without going to court. We have experience in handling complicated situations.

Why should you entrust service?

Contact professionals service of legal representation in Spain that is well known and reputation just like SpainDesk. When you hire our service, you don’t need further assistance.

The presence of many years of successful work experience allows us to make optimistic forecasts for each client. Cooperation with SpainDesk Law Firm has many advantages:

  • The high qualification category of lawyers,
  • Individual approach to clients;
  • Conducting cases of various types of complexity
  • Affordable pricing policy for the representation service in court.

Our lawyers also provide legal support for enforcement proceedings. If you want to get the SpainDesk services of a legal representation in Spain, call us. Our contact details is mentioned in our official website.


Our vision is to assist in all international legal matters, and our expert team of lawyers never disappoint you. You can also contact us while visiting our SpainDesk official site. Our main priority task is to provide a valuable and comfortable resolution in any disputable situation. If you want our service, call us today!


BarcelonaDesk has a team of real estate lawyers that offer you a valuable service when you want to purchase real estate in Spain. Our professional real estate lawyer in Barcelona meets the client’s requirement and offers results within a couple of days.

We will offer practical and valuable solutions for any real estate issue you will run into in Spain. We can facilitate the full legal purchase of land, houses, apartmnts and other real estate in Spain. We help our clients for the full 100% and will make sure you are satisfied with our service. Our legal team communicates clearly, and knows the full extent of the legal real estate issues in Spain.

We will advise you appropriately on dealing with real estate transactions because we know that it always poses a significant economic risk for customers. BarcelonaDesk real estate lawyers will offer professional advice that will meet your requirement. We assist our client in prior matters, and we carefully prepare the appeals before authorities corresponding.

Our lawyers specialize in real estate law in Barcelona

Are you looking for a real estate lawyer in Barcelona? Consider BarcelonaDesk professional legal service. We offer preventive legal advice and simple consultation to our valuable customers. Our team of lawyers knows amicable negotiations for legal proceedings.

The best advice is to consult a lawyer who has enough knowledge of real estate law. Get professional legal service at BarcelonaDesk. If you have any question regarding the legal affairs of buildings, apartments, land, or even houses, contact us, our experts will guide you properly. Here are our leading offers to our clients:

  • Purchase contract
  • Claims for construction defects
  • Rental agreement
  • Solve problems with private purchase and sale contracts
  • Complaints about hidden defects
  • Meetings of owners
  • Approvals and disputes
  • Non-compliance and hidden defects in the contract
  • Planning permit
  • Rental agreement
  • Application for incapacity or invalidity
  • Municipal complaints
  • Horizontal Property
  • Compensation Committee
  • Exchange contracts option

At BarcelonaDesk, we put the best real estate lawyers’ service in Barcelona at your disposal and solve issues regarding the above-listed points. We know that a specialized lawyer’s advice is quite necessary in sensitive matters, as it will determine the success or failure of your case.

Get advice for any legal contracts

At BarcelonaDesk, our specialist lawyers advise you if you have doubts regarding any contract. Our real estate lawyer in Barcelona finalizes any kind of claim derives from a situation of non-compliance with a contract. We offer the following legal contracts:

  • Purchases and sales contract
  • Preliminary contract
  • Public and private contract
  • Removals contract
  • Non-performance contracts
  • The real estate loan contract
  • Cancellation and kindness of contract
  • Contract resolutions
  • Exchange of contracts
  • Disposals contract

BarcelonaDesk, real estate services that will help you

When you intend to carry out the sale and purchase of property, contact the team of real estate lawyers at BarcelonaDesk in, and we will give a good piece of advice throughout the process. We advise our clients with proper fluctuation; also, we guide our clients through all the traditional ways to get the effective recommendation of your case.

Get in touch with our real estate lawyers team to receive legal advice related to real estate law. Our attorneys will defend your interests, whether individually or personally. If you doubt that the owner may intend or infringe his contract, contact us.

Face difficulties in real estate legal matter?

A difficult situation can occur at any time, and you might need the guidance of a real estate lawyer. In case you are stuck with a real estate problem, immediately contact our team and get proper guidance on the spot. We deal with your problem related to

  • Communities
  • Real estate registration
  • Buildings
  • Housing contracts
  • Leases
  • Real estate harassment
  • Mortgages

Get professional advice, we ensure that you never face any difficulties in the legal matter because we handle everything on your behalf. If you have any questions or want to make a query, contact us and our team of real estate lawyers is available to assist you.

SpainDesk has a certified car accident lawyers team who will achieve positive results when the traffic police authorities or the court file cases of recovering funds. Our experienced lawyer will protect your interests at any stage of legal proceedings. A car accident lawyer in Spain is available to help you in case:

  1. The perpetrator of the car accident,
  2. Abandoning the accident scene,
  3. Driving under the influence of alcohol
  4. Refusing a medical examination
  5. Other disputes and offenses

We understand that a road accident is quite a stressful situation, in which the proceeding is based on litigation with an insurance company and going to the court. When you consider SpainDesk, you’re free from the stressful situation because our experienced lawyers will handle all the matter on your behalf.

When Do You Need to Hire a Car Accident Lawyer in Spain?

SpainDesk offers 24/7 legal support to their customers. Our car accident lawyer will immediately respond to the client’s request and arrive on the spot to defend you. In case of urgent need, we recommend calling us, so our specialist guides you properly. Our primary aim is to protect the rights of the clients at all proceedings. You can find away from the most difficult situation when you get our professional lawyers to support.

Our car accident lawyer in Spain will analyze the situation; after that, suggest the optimal action plan through legal assistance after a car accident. How can SpainDesk lawyers help you?

  • Prevent illegal actions: it is better to seek legal advice immediately after an accident and then call traffic police representatives. After arriving at the accident place, our car accident lawyers will assess all the case details and inform our clients regarding their legal rights.
  • Timely legal advice: we understand that this situation is stressful; in this manner, we give legal advice on time, so our clients will save from hassle.
  • Get the best assistance: Our team will survey the whole situation and evaluate the incident’s proper diagram. However, our lawyer measures the situation and excludes the falsification results.

Our Offer Extensive Car Accident Lawyer Service

  • We prepare documents for an insurance company.
  • We are defendants in the road accident and representation in court.
  • We assist in obtaining insurance compensation.
  • We develop a unique protection strategy for each client,
  • We defend the client’s rights to bring administrative and criminal liability;
  • We give proper consultations and support to our clients.

Consider SpainDesk Car accident lawyer in Spain

At SpainDesk, you will connect with the best team of a car accident lawyer who speaks English fluently. We ensure a positive outcome of the case at a minimal cost. We provide legal support to our clients immediately after an accident.

SpainDesk legal service always tries to settle disputes and conflicts of court through fast and cheap ways. Our main aim is to save our clients from attending court hearings and litigations, whereas all the processes conduct through the proxy technique. We give a guarantee to our clients and confidently preserve the attorney secrecy. We know your situation and create a role as a defendant that remove your problems.

How the case cost is calculated?

It is difficult to evaluate the exact cost of the overall car accident case. Still, when you hire SpainDesk legal assistance, we will settle the road conflicts and provide the exact cost after our client’s first meeting.Righteously, every case is individually different from others based on the facts. By keeping the requirement in mind, we have planned a list of our service, for instance:

  • The complexity of the case
  • The severity of the traffic accident

Our expert car accident lawyer’s involvement in the road disputes resolution will minimize your financial losses and preserve freedom, if necessary.

Our car accident lawyers in Spain also resolve insurance companies’ disputes, which often use all legal means and secure our clients to pay further. We develop a unique protection strategy for each client because we have an in-depth knowledge of the legislation nuances. Our professional team constantly focuses on judicial practice to win all the difficult cases. Hire us, if you need the best legal service.

Are you a UK citizen looking for a Spanish property lawyer? Our team of Spanish property lawyers is ready to help you. We offer expert legal advice to UK citizens that want to buy or sell property in Spain. We understand the Spanish legal system and are experts in the Spanish conveyancing process. If you need anything done related to buying property or selling property, then read more information on how we can help you below.

How can we help as your property lawyer?

Our Spanish property lawyers deal specifically with regulations related to Spanish property. They are experts on Spanish law related to Spanish property and can help foreigners with a variety of tasks related to property in Spain. They give advice and manage legal matters on behalf of UK citizens on topics such as:

Our solicitors stand for due diligence, professional advice, typical costs, and excellent client relation. You can get complete guidance from our highly qualified and well-trained property lawyers.

Spanish property lawyers for buying property

The process of buying property in Spain

Below we discuss aspects of buying property in Spain.

Why do UK citizens buy property in Spain?

Buying property is very popular for UK citizens. They use Spanish property mainly as holiday homes. It can also provide a good

Spain offers a wonderful climate, lovely coastlines, amazing mountains. Spanish property is also very cheap compared to prices in the UK. As Spain’s economy is doing well, you can expect a greater return on investment when purchasing a Spanish property.

How to buy property in Spain

Various things need to be taken into consideration when planning to buy property in Spain. You will need to

Specialist in Spanish property buying

Our property lawyers deal with a wide range of issues. There are a lot of pitfalls when buying property but also scams when trying to sell the property. Sometimes more complex transactions, such as business transactions, contractual buying, or off-plan buying require specialised legal knowledge. In this case, we can also be your competent specialist. These are standard issues but also specialised ones.

Spanish lawyer for properties for UK citizen

The process of buying a home in Spain

We’ll cover the legal steps and themes we can help you with below. Through a Power of Attorney, we can help you with the full process of buying and settling in Spain.

Steps for buying property in Spain

You will need to go through a legal process when buying Spanish property. Below are the general steps our Spanish Property lawyers will guide you through

  1. Agreeing on the preliminary sale contract
  2. Signing the initial sale contract
  3. The Notary public office and registration with the Spanish land registry (Registro de la Propiedad) or with a local council is a private purchase.
  4. Exchange of mutual acceptance deed at Spanish notary public office for valuation and stamp duty
  5. Registration of deed at Spanish land register (Registro de la Propiedad) and pay registration tax (Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales y Actos Jurídicos Documentados)
  6. If the sale involves a mortgage, request your bank to issue your loan.
  7. Transfer funds from your account to the seller through a certified cheque or bank draft as full payment of the purchase.
  8. Settlement of the sale at a Spanish notary public office and pay registration tax (Impuesto de Transmisiones Patrimoniales y Actos Jurídicos Documentados)
  9. Exchange of keys

Secondary services

Next to the property

  • That the property is registered correctly in your name
  • If there are any third-party debts on the property to be paid from the sale proceeds.
  • Correctly registration in the Spanish tax system
  • That you have a NIE number (Número de Identificación Extranjera), and if not, we will get this for you
  • Our Spanish property lawyers will also assist you with any additional duties you require by the Spanish authorities.
  • Check if the property is registered properly
  • Make sure to speak with the right broker involved
  • Check if the broker did everything according to the Spanish property law
  • Checking if no fraud is taking place from the seller
  • Make sure you will deliver the home without any defects

Next to this, we can also take care of

  • Immigration matters, such as the Visa or a Golden Visa
  • Setting up a bank account
  • Getting valuations and surveys done
  • Arranging the transfer of utility billing
  • Arranging a property inspection

The process of selling property in Spain

If you are thinking of selling property in Spain, there are other factors to take into consideration, such as:

Our tax lawyers can assist you if you look for professional tax advice. We offer a simple and effective service to handle all your legal matters related to Spain property, including the documentation of selling.

Spanish property

Spanish estate agent vs Spanish property lawyer

In Spain, estate agents and property lawyers work together, and it is wise to get involved with both when buying or selling property. Our lawyers are not directly involved in the sale itself, but they serve as an intermediary between an estate agent and buyer or sellers. Unlike in the UK, estate agents don’t deal with legal matters. This way, buyers do not only deal with an effective estate agent but also need a reliable Spanish lawyer on their side that can provide all the legal services they need.

How can our property lawyers in Spain help you?

The main task of SpainDesk’s property lawyers is to provide detailed advice and full legal support within the Spanish real estate market. We protect your interests and your property from fraud and legal issues, and we assist in the preparation of all documents and help to provide a completely legal transaction.

Use SpainDesk when buying or selling a home or renting it out. We make sure the transaction is smooth and defend your rights. Buying, selling and renting can be best accomplished with Spanish property lawyers on your side. Reach out to us via the contact form, and one of our lawyers will contact you.

UK citizens buying property

Why hire our service?

SpainDesk’s team of Spanish property lawyers offers clients a high service standard. We have more than ten years of experience, and we can provide personal advice that caters to your needs. Our services are:

  • Straightforward, easy & transparent
  • Expert advisors to take care of your best interests in Spain
  • Friendly, professional service in English or Spanish
  • Experienced property lawyers that understand the laws entirely and work quickly
  • No cost for an initial consultation
  • Quality guaranteed

Advice in your language

Our lawyers in Spain speak fluently Spanish and English. This is needed because there is a language barrier when buying property in Spain between foreign purchasers and sellers. The experience of our lawyers in Spanish and English assures a smooth process.

Spanish Property Lawyers UK

A word from SpainDesk

When you use a lawyer, you ensure all procedures are carried out correctly. The Spanish legal system is different from the UK. The conveyancing process entails that the buyer and seller almost always need to deal with an expert in Spanish property lawyers. It will help you to avoid delays, additional fees, or getting in trouble with Spanish law. We offer a complete range of these services related to buying and selling property in Spain. Contact SpainDesk’s team of Spanish property lawyers today and get more information on how we can help you. With our expert advice, you will be able to make the right decision when buying or selling property in Spain.

At SpainDesk, you will get the guidance of English speaking lawyers in Spain that can solve all your legal matters within a short time. Our firm has a team of professional lawyers that is fully experienced and well-organized. We know how to deal with our client’s legal matter; if a client wants to invest in Spain, we are here to serve them.

Our English speaking lawyers team has specialized in business law that gives support to clients in all their procedures. SpainDesk is a new law firm that just opened in Spain that has a team of qualified lawyers in Spain. Our professional lawyers have a proper knowledge of business law that enables them to assist expats living in Spain and the rest of Spain.

SpainDesk English speaking lawyers in Spain team presents a reliable way toward the international market.

Hire SpainDesk: your english speaking lawyer in Spain

Are you looking for an English speaking lawyer in Spain? In much legal matters, you need to consult a lawyer to sign the deed of sale, property purchase, immigration, business consultant or any other legal matter. Our team of lawyers specialize in real estate, fiscal & accounting or legal procedure and speak fluent English.

Our law firm has the necessary skills to guide clients in different areas, whether business or commercial and maritime transport law. For instance, to invest in Spain, let them to us – our team takes care of all the administrative procedures.

SpainDeskEnglish speaking lawyers have years of experience in business law that allows them to fight with administrations and various jurisdictions.

We offer personalized legal support to our clients:

When you recently shift in a city, and you feel difficulties because you don’t speak the local language, it seems daunting to seek legal help. You might find the best solution, in this regard consulting English speaking lawyers Spain is like your trusted advisor, who can explain local laws and procedures on your behalf. SpainDesk aims to help our clients through all possible services.

Our team of lawyers offers personalized support to expatriates and remains at their disposal to find the most suitable solution for our client’s problem. Within this firm, there is no intermediary; clients deal directly with lawyers.

Before starting a procedure, our English speaking lawyers in Spain always stand with the client and together they work on the future steps. The customer is always warned upstream to achieve effective teamwork, whatever the field.

Our primary aim is to make all the proper and necessary legal steps easy for our clients. You will benefit from our contacts in Spain to facilitate the necessary procedures; only you have to carry official documents.

Our professional lawyer’s team speaks fluently in the English language. If you like more legal information or if you have any questions about our legal services, please don’t feel shy to contact us directly. We want to be your English speaking lawyers in Spain that is fulfil all your legal requirements.

SpainDesk Law Firm:

In the field of international law, our lawyers are specialized in foreign investments. Our law firm is made up of legal experts trained to provide high-quality services to our clients. All members of our law firm in Spain, ​have an excellent career and extensive experience in international law for residents in Spain.

We have a mix-up of a law team, but our English speaking lawyers in Spain team deal with all the overseas clients. We also cooperate with lawyers of other countries, and this allows us to offer our clients comprehensive services in the entire field of international law. Our lawyer’s team are specialized in:

  1. Civil right
  2. Trade Law
  3. Labor law
  4. Corporate law
  5. Private International Law
  6. Economic criminal law

Don’t feel hesitation in consulting us; we offer 24/7 guideline service so that you can contact us at any time. Our law firm is famous in Spain, and we handle all legal cases. By visiting SpainDesk web page, you can book your appointment as soon as possible.

Once you consult us, we handle all the legal matters on your behalf. If you want to hire a lawyer, then Contact SpainDesk and request a free online quote.


In search of a criminal lawyer in Spain? Legal services in criminal cases are the most difficult areas in the field of jurisprudence that doesn’t tolerate any experiments. The solution should be approached confidently, promptly and competently.

Sometimes, an innocent person may end up in the dock because of an investigator’s mistake or false accusation – when the evidence found at the crime scene represents that a person has absolutely nothing to do with this offence.

Only an experienced criminal lawyer can prove your innocence in the case. At SpainDesk, you may find experienced criminal lawyers that relatively can you support through difficult situation. We know this situation is quite stressful, that’s why we try to immediately provide our service.

When do you need a criminal lawyer?

There can be many reasons why you need a criminal lawyer. You can consult with us when:

  1. A criminal case initiated against you or your loved ones;
  2. There are threats of extortion in your address;
  3. Your relative or acquaintance is detained by law enforcement
  4. You don’t know what to do and how to defend your rights when communicating with representatives of law enforcement agencies;
  5. You are threatened and frightened by filing a crime report against you;
  6. The police officers are abusing their powers, misleading you, and you urgently need a criminal defence lawyer.

Why choose our legal service

SpainDesk offers legal service in Spain; professionals that know how to defend their client in the worst situation and save them from punishment. Our professional lawyers first collect evidence; after that, conduct the required examinations, and find witnesses. Our criminal lawyer will:

  • Monitor compliance with the law during these procedures;
  • Present at the client’s interrogations and investigative actions;
  • Ensure the anonymity of the client.

A criminal lawyer in Spain will take care of the seizure of irrelevant evidence that may harm the client. Only an expert lawyer plans a correct strategy of behaviour in court to prove the innocence of the client and minimize the consequences for him.

The criminal lawyers that work with SpainDesk will draw up the necessary complaints, appeals, file and obtain the appointment of additional examinations.

Effective support

SpainDeskhas a team of criminal lawyers in Spain who are ready to take up the most difficult cases. We provide effective support at each stage of criminal proceedings. We also provide different advantages to our clients when a person chooses SpainDesk for getting help or advice. Keep in mind, in our working process we do not use any templates.

We believe that every case is unique, and the assistance of a criminal lawyer is carried out through a carefully planned strategy.

What legal services do we offer?

SpainDesk offers the best service of criminal lawyer in Spain, through following these steps:

  • Brief consultation on the phone.
  • Make an appointment in the office with a specialized criminal lawyer.
  • Study the case file and give a recommendation.
  • Conclusion of an agreement
  • Study the criminal case material at the time of handling the case
  • Recommendations on the case future and building a defence position
  • Draw up the necessary motions in the case.
  • Constant notification of the principal about the progress of the case
  • Visit the accused at the place of his detention.
  • Participation in all investigative actions or court hearings