Civil Lawyer in Spain

Legal System in Spain

Civil lawyers can work on many different issues. They defend the client’s rights and appeals against judicial acts in civil cases. Today, finding the best civil lawyer in Spain can be difficult because of the many legal firms. Consider SpainDesk legal service, and we will provide you with the best services we can. We have a team of civil lawyers that know the Spanish law and will help protect your rights in Spain.

Our civil lawyer also appeals against the actions, interact with bailiffs, and handles the framework of enforcement proceedings. If you or your family members are stuck in a civil case in Spain, you might need a civil lawyer. We offer services for:

  • Compensation for damage in case of an accident
  • Insurance payments collection
  • Collection of debts on civil transactions and receipts
  • Challenging the will
  • Restoration from inheritance’s term
  • Protection of Consumer Rights
  • Compensation for damage
  • Recovery of alimony for minor children
  • Division of the common property of spouses
  • Deregistration

Civil law applies to the judicial authorities, and it will protect your rights and legitimate interests. If your problem is not possible without a civil court trial, we can assist you as a third party, defendant, or plaintiff. Our civil lawyer defends the interests of principals, whether general jurisdiction and arbitration courts. We manage your civil cases and are helpful in providing a satisfactory result.

Civil lawyer services in Spain

At SpainDesk, our civil lawyer can provide legal advice and represents your entity with a variety of issues. We have an expert team of civil lawyers here to serve you and solve all the legal problems.

Our civil lawyer in Spain can take care of:

  • Agreements, contracts, and other documents of a civil nature.
  • Conducts legal documents
  • Participates in the preparation of planned transactions
  • Manage the settlement of conflicts
  • Prepare a preliminary security check
  • Complete the process of registration of transactions
  • Prepares statements and responses to the claims brought to the judicial authorities;
  • An appeal against illegal and unfounded court decisions
  • Formalize an inheritance
  • Help to acquire property
  • State registration of rights
  • Registration of divorce

After contacting our civil law team, we will contact you and you can accept our legal representation service. We can offer you a complete package to manage your case. We give clear legal advice, can prepare a claim, and support you until the execution of a court decision. If you are looking for a civil lawyer in Spain, consult us today!

International lawyers in Spain

SpainDesk has a team of international lawyers in Spain that are here to help you on all international issues to minimize legal risks and find non-standard solutions. When you consult us, you probably ensure yourself that nothing threatens your property interests. Our international lawyers have a huge success rate through repeatedly won cases that are considered as hopeless!

However, an only experienced lawyer knows all the intricacies of legal formalities and ways to come out from difficult situations. At SpainDesk, you will connect with the best international lawyers in Spain that specialize in the following areas:

  1. International commercial arbitration
  2. International commercial law
  3. International private law
  4. attorney in international law
  5. International criminal law
  6. International banking law

SpainDesk international lawyer have knowledge of civil procedure, international law and international commercial arbitration. Our international lawyer provides quality assistance to our beloved clients and participates in court cases.

SpainDesk team of International lawyers handle all international issues:

Our team of international lawyers will be able to help our clients and also offer complete protection at the time of filing a complaint in the international court. SpainDesk professional lawyers know how to tackle difficult situation and how to manage everything on client’s demand.

Our international lawyers in Spain provide assistance to protect interests under international legal norms. SpainDesk international lawyer offer quality services in the following spheres of life:

  1. Liquidation and formation of offshore companies;
  2. Translation services in court cases;
  3. Reorganization of offshore companies;
  4. Enforcement proceedings;
  5. International civil procedure;
  6. Assistance in doing business abroad.

The primary purpose of hiring the services of international lawyers is the deep grip on the legislation of several countries. All our lawyers speak fluent English, so you never face any hurdle at the time of communicating with us.

International lawyers in Spain – Attorney in International Law

The unbreakable rule of the world’s law is to observe human rights first and after that compliance with international conventions between specific jurisdictions. Our International lawyers have extensive international experience; as a result, they help you to file a claim in the international court.

At SpainDesk, you will get the service of international lawyers in Spain that helps to solve the given problems:

  • Investing abroad;
  • Buying real estate abroad
  • Cooperation with foreign investors and partners;
  • Settlement of disputes under international law;
  • Business organization abroad;
  • Appealing a court decision to higher instances
  • Preparation of foreign economic agreements;

Our international lawyer’s team manage international arbitration and international business transactions. Also, they know the civil procedure, foreign law and all the other legal proceeding because of extensive experience.

SpainDesk’s international lawyers in Spain are ready to help you and even protect your rights in the most desperate and hopeless situations. Our expert lawyers thoroughly study all aspects of a disputable situation, after that help you form a solid evidence base,

Legal representation in Spain

Citizens can appear in court with the help of legal representative’s service. Following the law, any competent person acting under the power of legal attorney can provide representation services in court. Are you looking for reliable legal representation in Spain? If yes, then consult SpainDesk and get the guidance of expert lawyers.

SpainDesk legal lawyer play the role of partner who offer representation services in court, have the right to:

  1. Submit a statement of claim in the court
  2. Draw up and submit complaints, explanations, motions, and other papers
  3. Submit a write up of execution
  4. Provide written and oral legal advice
  5. Submit a counterclaim
  6. Appeal against court decisions
  7. Conclude a settlement agreement on behalf of the client
  8. Sign a statement of claim on behalf of the client
  9. Change the subject matter and the statement of claim
  10. Receive money issued within the enforcement proceedings.

SpainDesk specialists can provide representation services for civil or arbitration proceedings in court. We offer qualitative assistance of legal representation in Spain that is comprehensive and offers full-fledged clients protection.

Lawyer assistance in court: how much does legal representation cost?

Legal service for consulting a lawyer can play a crucial role in getting a favorable decision of your case. After all, SpainDesk lawyer-representative will be available for you almost 24/7 and provide the service clockwise.

Our main aim is to resolve the issue urgently and save your precious time. Meanwhile, our legal representative lawyers have diverse experiences that help you in every difficult situation. We can isolate the essence of your problem; after that, we think about solving it comprehensively – through simple and effective way. SpainDesk lawyers have the following advantages for representation in courts of general jurisdiction:

  1. Considerable knowledge and experience in various fields
  2. Representation is the lawyer’s main activity, which means that he knows the whole process in full detail.
  3. A clear understanding of the judicial system
  4. A well-developed system for filing applications
  5. Monitoring the progress of the case at all stages

The benefits of legal representation in Spain

SpainDesk offers legal services to solve the case’s internal and external problems on behalf of the client. We allocate the time first; after that, immediately determine which issues need to resolve first. Our legal representative lawyers have enough knowledge to provide legal support for enforcement proceedings.

Our experts understand the case situation Immediately because of best practice in legal service and helpful in obtaining positive court decisions. We decide the legal representative fee at the start of the case; sometimes, the client agrees to an hourly rate or sometimes pays at once.

Nowadays, the current legislation provides the vast possibility of citizens, including individuals and legal entities, that appeal for the protection of rights. Professional representation is the only right solution for those who have not a direct relationship with jurisprudence. However, to solve all the legal matters, you need the support of our SpainDesk specialist lawyers familiar with all the regulatory framework of intricacies.

Are we searching for legal representation in Spain? We are glad to invite you to visit our official web page called and get the main directions regarding our service. Each of our clients can get comprehensive support at each stage of cooperation, from preparation to judicial consideration of cases in various law areas.

Why hire our lawyer service?

However, international economic activity can’t be accomplished without connected professional lawyers with the practice of international litigation. The reason behind this is, many issues arise when dealing internationally. When you consider SpainDesk, you are free from the stressful situation because our team of international lawyers in Spain never disappoint you.

SpainDesk legal service helps to support a global business and resolve legal disputes. Our international lawyers have enough knowledge of international law and assist according to international law. We know the importance of our client’s time and money, that’s why our lawyers in Spain here serve you 24/7.

If you’re not a citizen of Spain, and you need international legal service that helps you in every matter then consider SpainDesk for best international lawyer assistance. Don’t worry about all the international court processing because we manage everything on our client behalf. International lawyers are different from ordinary lawyers because they deal internationally.

Why choose our service?

A civil lawyer is a broad-based specialist who knows the norms of civil legislation. Additionally, civil lawyers have enough knowledge related to branches of law, such as housing, family, labour, inheritance, land, and others. The need to hire a civil lawyer arises when you want legal assistance to resolve the property and non-property conflicts and disagreements.

When you consult our civil lawyers in Spain they will guide you through your rights and obligations. We effectively represent the interests of our client’s organizations and citizens in general jurisdiction court. Our legal civil law services include:

  • Preparation and drafting of a claim
  • Filing a claim in court
  • Drafting petitions and statements during the process
  • Developing a strategy and tactics for conducting a case
  • Consulting throughout the entire process

Our civil lawyers can help you with your rights and formalize your obligations without going to court. We have experience in handling complicated situations.

Why should you entrust service?

Contact professionals service of legal representation in Spain that is well known and reputation just like SpainDesk. When you hire our service, you don’t need further assistance.

The presence of many years of successful work experience allows us to make optimistic forecasts for each client. Cooperation with SpainDesk Law Firm has many advantages:

  • The high qualification category of lawyers,
  • Individual approach to clients;
  • Conducting cases of various types of complexity
  • Affordable pricing policy for the representation service in court.

Our lawyers also provide legal support for enforcement proceedings. If you want to get the SpainDesk services of a legal representation in Spain, call us. Our contact details is mentioned in our official website.


Our vision is to assist in all international legal matters, and our expert team of lawyers never disappoint you. You can also contact us while visiting our SpainDesk official site. Our main priority task is to provide a valuable and comfortable resolution in any disputable situation. If you want our service, call us today!