Family Lawyer in Spain

Family lawyer in Spain.

SpainDesk family lawyer establishes the procedure for concluding and terminating a marriage and also handles the consequences of declaring invalid marriage. Our family lawyer in Spain offers complete guidance and free advice at the time you consult us.

When a family conflict arises, most people make mistakes because they don’t know the legal consequences. To avoid any mistakes, you need to hire our service as early as possible. It will help to smoothly come out from the conflict situation and defend rights in a civilized manner. Often, consulting SpainDesk professional lawyers will allow you to resolve complex issues with minimal losses.

A family lawyer has the exclusive right to receive alimony and apply in court with an application for the recovery of alimony. A different situation comes into our life where we need to consult a family lawyer, whether divorce, property division, return of money or alimony recovery.

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Today, family disputes are a very common and widespread phenomenon that’s the reason people are increasingly turning to hiring a family lawyer. SpainDesk family lawyer speaks fluent English and Spanish, so it’s easy to communicate with the client.

Family disputes can be any disputes between parents, spouses, children, and other family members regarding personal or property rights. The family lawyers of our SpainDesk legal firm have extensive experience in resolving family disputes in Spain. Here is the list of our family lawyer services:

  1. Consultation of a lawyer on family issues
  2. The assistance of a lawyer in a divorce
  3. Division of the jointly acquired property of the spouses in court
  4. Services of a lawyer invalidation of marriage
  5. Recovery of alimony for the maintenance of children, spouse, as well as disabled parents
  6. Determine the child’s place of residence
  7. Determine help to communicate with the child
  8. Legal services in cases of establishing and challenging paternity
  9. Attorney for deprivation of parental rights
  10. Assistance in drawing up a marriage contract
  11. Legal services for the allocation of a marital share
  12. Consultation and legal assistance in the adoption of a child
  13. An agreement on the payment of alimony

Family lawyer in Spain

SpainDesk Family Lawyer Services in Spain

We believe that a good professional accompanies the case from start to finish. With SpainDesk, you can easily win the case because we have a team of family lawyers in Spain that will go all the way with you.

Are you living in Spain and worried about finding the best family lawyer? SpainDesk has a team of qualified family lawyers looking forward to helping you. We are ready to tackle a conflict of any complexity. Our experts have an attentive attitude to the case nuances and the observance of the guarantee of the lawyer’s secrecy.

SpainDesk is a famous legal firm that offers a truly reliable and affordable service. When you consider our service, we will perform the following tasks:

  • We meet with the principal and give advice on family law matters
  • We first analyze the received documentation of the case
  • We negotiate with the second party for a peaceful settlement of the conflict
  • We create a list of essential evidence of the case that is useful to substantiate a position on family conflict
  • We request evidence for further presentation
  • We appeal against the court decision in the appeal, cassation and supervisory instance
  • We evaluate the judicial perspective of the case
  • We draw up and apply to the court
  • We participate in the court session
  • We appeal against interim judgments

SpainDesk family lawyers in Spain will help you to defend your rights and interests. We also prevent hurdles to winning the case. Our professional team understands legal law and formalities, to provide a quick service at the time you consult. If you want to hire our service or want legal advice, please make a call and book your appointment first.

We give a guarantee that you will conclude a positive result at the end of the case because our target is to win the case in court. When you visit our office, you will learn how to achieve the desired result at the first consultation.