How to Choose a Spanish Lawyer

Choosing a spanish lawyer

Spanish law can be difficult terrain for a foreigner. Therefore it is highly recommended to get a Spanish lawyer. Not only for the legal aspects but also to get acquainted with the know-how things work in this country.

When looking for a lawyer in Spain, you may have many questions that need answers. In this article, we hope to help you and give you answers on finding a lawyer easily and what information to ask them once they are hired.

While SpainDesk offers legal services, we try to give you an objective view about choosing a Spanish lawyer in general.

Choose a Spanish lawyer in your autonomic region

Find a local lawyer to inform you about the difference within the autonomic region you are staying in. Each autonomic area has its own rules for tax, property, and family law, and your lawyer will have to know these local laws.

Spanish lawyer

Find a Spanish lawyer that speaks your language

The first requirement for a Spanish lawyer, whatever their speciality is, must be that he understands your language. How can you find a lawyer who speaks your language? It would be best if you did not overlook that there are many foreign lawyers in Spain. For example, there are English speaking lawyers. Lawyers in the Spanish legal system represent Dutch, Russian, French, German, Italian, and other languages. Be sure to ask about this when you check on your law office.

Make sure you get clear legal advice

It would help if you informed yourself about the lawyer’s previous work. Therefore make sure to go over all the documents together with your lawyer and ask them any questions you might have. It will help prevent any misunderstandings later on. Spanish law can be complicated, especially as a foreigner, so make sure to be informed about the Spanish legal system with the help of your lawyer.

Choosing a lawyer in Spain

Tips for choosing a Spanish lawyer or Spanish law firm

Below you can find five tips to help you choose a Spanish lawyer or law firm:

  1. Choose someone who is specialized in the area which is needed.
  2. Choose someone you can trust and make sure they can handle the case and can do it well.
  3. Make sure you feel comfortable with them; this will help you find a good working relationship that can lead you through all the process.
  4. Ask for recommendations or do some research. That way, you will have more chances of finding a reliable lawyer.
  5. Make sure you are transparent with all the fees and payment methods before starting any work. This will avoid any extra costs later on.

Types of legal services Spanish lawyers offer

Lawyers offer an extensive range of services in civil and business law. The most common area’s Spanish lawyers assist in are property law, criminal law, family law, immigration law, administrative and tax law.

Spanish lawyer for Spanish property

Spanish lawyers can help you with property law in Spain. Property lawyers can guide you through the process and help you with anything from buying a house to renting an apartment. They will ensure that the Spanish property transaction is entirely lawful. Next to this, they can be your mediators in case of disagreement with the landlord, seller, government, or community.

Finding a lawyer for your Spanish property is essential. Legal help with selling and buying property in Spain is highly recommended. Even though it may seem costly, the legal fees are minuscule compared to the huge amounts of money involved. The last thing you want is to get into a dispute with someone who has sold or bought your property.

Family law

Spanish lawyers can help you with Spanish wills and inheritance law cases. They will provide legal advice on what to do in case of a divorce, separation, or death. They can make all legal and official documents on your behalf through a power of attorney.

Immigration law

Spanish immigration lawyers can help you with your immigration status in Spain. They will advise you on the best available option to remain in Spain, including what type of visa is appropriate for your situation. There are several different types of visas in Spain, such as Work Visa, Business Visa, and Golden Visa.

Business law

Spanish lawyers can help you with the company formation process in Spain. Before establishing a company in Spain, you should hire someone that knows the legal formalities and obligations to avoid fines or even closure of your business. Spanish lawyers will help you set up the company within a few weeks. Hiring a lawyer for your business in Spain is recommended because the Spanish government is known for its administrative difficulties, delays, penalties, and fines.

Tax lawyers and accountants

There is a tax liability in Spain, which is strictly enforced. When staying in Spain for more than three months, it is advisable to hire an accountant, tax lawyer, or tax advisor. This way, you make sure that your affairs are in order and the tax liabilities are clear from any disputes or misunderstandings with the government of Spain. Inheritance tax in Spain is also complex. If you do not want to get involved with the taxes yourself, it will be best for you to hire a tax lawyer or other finance professional.

FAQ on Spanish Lawyers

Frequently asked questions

Below we discuss some of the common questions around Spanish lawyers.

Where can I find Spanish lawyers?

You can find Spanish lawyers in several ways. You can check for them in Directorates, look for your questions online, or get referred by a friend.

What is the translation of “lawyer” in Spanish?

The translation of lawyer in Spanish is Abogado.

How much is a lawyer in Spain?

A lawyer in Spain would charge between €85 and €200 per hour. It depends on the experience of the Spanish lawyer, where you are located in Spain, and how complex your legal issue is.

How do I verify a Spanish lawyer?

A lawyer in Spain will have the Matricula de Abogado, and this is a certificate of good standing and professional ability.


Spanish legal matters and Spanish law is complex. Seek professional help in the form of a lawyer in Spain. They will offer you legal advice and legal services, so you don’t have to worry. We hope this article has been helpful to you.