10 Of The Best Airports in Spain

Airports in Spain

If you’re planning a trip to Spain, one of the first things you’ll need to consider is how to get there. Spain is a popular tourist destination, and as such, has several airports located throughout the country. In this article, we’ll provide you with a comprehensive guide to the main airports in Spain.

Which are the main airports in Spain?

The best airports in Spain make it easy for travelers to explore the country’s many attractions. From Barcelona El Prat Airport to Madrid Barajas Airport, Spain has some of the busiest airports in Europe. While Barcelona International Airport (BCN) is the busiest airport in the country, other popular Spanish airports include Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI), Malaga Airport (AGP), Gran Canaria Airport (LPA), Lanzarote Airport and Alicante-Elche Airport (ALC).

All of these airports offer flights to major cities within Spain as well as to destinations in other countries throughout Europe. Let’s take a look at the top ten airports in Spain and discover all the information you need to determine which one is right for your next trip.

1. Madrid Barajas Airport (MAD)

Barajas International Airport is one of Europe’s most impressive airports. Located conveniently near Madrid’s city center, it welcomes over 50 million travelers each year. Tourists choose Madrid to explore its various attractions. From the stunning architecture and shopping on Gran Via to iconic landmarks such as Plaza Mayor and Royal Palace, this vibrant metropolis has a lot to offer.

2. Barcelona International Airport (BCN)

Located just a short bus ride from Barcelona’s bustling downtown, Barcelona International Airport is the second busiest airport in Spain. There are several popular destinations from this hub, including Gran Canaria, Palma de Mallorca, and Malaga—all of which have their own airports. You can explore the city’s vibrant nightlife, world-class museums, and gastronomy from here. From exploring its illustrious capital city teeming with history and architecture, such as the Sagrada Familia or Gaudi’s masterpieces, to sun-soaked beaches, Barcelona is a must-visit for any vacationer.

3. Palma de Mallorca Airport (PMI)

Despite being a small island, the Palma de Mallorca airport welcomes millions of holidaymakers each summer. Majestic Majorca is renowned for its sunny beaches and rich heritage; tourists can explore the bustling city of Palma or venture farther to uncover secret viewing spots around this Mediterranean paradise! With so much history to discover in Santa Maria Cathedral and hidden places off the beaten track, now’s your chance to experience true Spanish culture at its best.

4. Malaga Airport (AGP)

Malaga Airport, the epicenter of entry to Costa del Sol in southern Spain, is conveniently located near bustling city centers as well as popular tourist destinations like Torremolinos. In peak summer months, it hosts approximately 20 million travelers! Aside from its renowned beach parties and tranquil resorts with golf courses, Malaga offers so much more: a reminder of Islamic culture past through La Alcazaba fortress and the birthplace of Pablo Picasso. Immerse yourself in the vibrant culture and tantalizing flavors of Andalusia during Malaga’s festivals, where you can savor flamenco performances, sherry wines, and fresh-grilled sardines.

5. Alicante International Airport (ALC)

Alicante Airport, located on the Costa Blanca in Spain, is another top destination for travelers. Popular tourist resorts such as Benidorm and Altea are just a stone’s throw away from Alicante International Airport. Alicante, the province’s capital, and a breathtaking seaport attracts 20 million visitors annually. Located on Spain’s Costa Blanca coast along the Mediterranean Sea, this destination is home to many European retirees seeking sunny leisure. Alicante offers something for everyone from its white-sand beaches and vibrant nightlife to its Casco Antiguo castle and marble promenade lined with museums. Come indulge in all this beautiful locale has to offer; you’ll be sure not to regret it.

Airports in Spain

6. Gran Canaria Airport (LPA)

Gran Canaria airport is the busiest in the Canary Islands, with July and August being peak tourist season. It’s located close to Las Palmas de Gran Canaria, the capital of this incredible island. There are plenty of things for visitors to enjoy here: Playa de Las Canteras boasts excellent swimming conditions; a lively carnival celebration annually; shopping opportunities abound; cruise ships dock in its port regularly; and colorful neighborhoods rest atop its hills. Furthermore, adventurers will love beginning their journey at La Palmas to experience the majestic volcanic crater Cauldron of Bandama.

7. Tenerife Sur (TFS)

The island of Tenerife is the largest in Spain’s Canary Islands and has two airports, the smaller Tenerife North (TFN) and the bigger Tenerife South (TFS). International connections arrive at TFS airport, while a direct bus service connects both airports. Vacationers come all year round to enjoy resorts like Los Cristianos, Playa de las Américas, or Costa Adeje near TFN. Pico del Teide will take your breath away. At 3715 meters, this vulcano reigns as Spain’s highest elevation point. For those seeking some adventure, a paragliding session will have you soaring above the clouds of this beautiful island.

8. Ibiza Airport (IBZ)

Ibiza’s airport, though modest in size, welcomes more than five million tourists every year. Located near the island itself, this is your gateway to discovering both Ibiza and Formentera at their best; from May onwards until October, people arrive for a memorable summer of partying with immersive techno music across many beach clubs. Nonetheless, if you prefer something quieter, there are plenty of world heritage sites that you can explore either by yourself or take part on an organized tour – not to mention secluded beaches and small villages perfect for relaxation while shopping opportunities also abound. Whether you’re searching for wild nightlife, a relaxed get-away, or adventure and sports activities, this is the place to be.

9. Valencia Airport (VLC)

Although Valencia Airport is much smaller than other airports, it still serves an impressive six million passengers annually. With flights available from Madrid to the likes of London, Rome, Paris, and Amsterdam among others; this Mediterranean hub always welcomes travelers with open arms! And don’t forget all the incredible attractions for visitors – La Ciudad de las Artes y de las Ciencias showcases modern structures such as a planetarium or cultural venues like botanical collections. You can also explore Valencian Gothic architecture at La Lonja de la Seda, declared a world heritage site. In addition to the astounding cathedral, the historic Casco district, and El Carmen’s charismatic bohemian flair, Jardín del Turia offers visitors an opportunity for tranquility with its riverbed park.

10. San Pablo Airport Seville (SVQ)

Every year, over five million travelers make their way to Seville by flying into San Pablo Airport. The months between May and August are the most crowded with tourists looking for a gateway to Andalusia’s renowned beaches of Costa del Sol and its capital – Seville. Steeped in history and architecture, this city is home to UNESCO World Heritage Site Cathedral de Sevilla alongside other remarkable landmarks such as Real Alcázar, Parque de María Luisa, Plaza de España, etc. Additionally, visitors flock to the Santa Cruz neighborhood brimming with charm or indulge in art at one of the many museums featuring fine artwork. Day trips to Cordoba or Granada are also popular if you’re looking to explore more of Andalusia.

Which is the nicest airport in Spain?

Adolfo Suárez-Barajas airport in Madrid has been named the top airport in Europe for services, efficiency, complaints handling, and quality of its stores & restaurants. Not far behind is Bilbao Airport, which came second.

Which airline travels to Spain?

Spain is a coveted destination for many, attracting various airlines that operate direct flights to different Spanish cities. In particular, notable carriers that facilitate direct travel to Spain are Air Europa, Air France, Alitalia, British Airways, EasyJet, Iberia, Lufthansa, Ryanair, Vueling, and Wizz Air.

These airlines typically operate from various international aviation hubs and maintain multiple air links to diverse Spanish cities. Thus, prospective travelers can opt for the most suitable carrier that aligns with their itinerary and budget. It is noteworthy that some of these airlines also extend budget-friendly travel options, and it’s advisable to keep an eye out for exclusive deals and promotions.

A word from SpainDesk

Spain is a great holiday destination, and with its stunning array of the best airports located all over the country, it is easy to see why so many people travel there. From Barcelona El Prat to Gran Canaria Airport and Son Sant Joan, the country offers a variety of international airports for visitors to choose from. From daily domestic services between major cities to regular connections worldwide, these airports make it easy to soar over Spain and explore the popular tourist resorts or vibrant cities. Whatever your destination of choice is, there’s sure to be an airport in Spain that will provide you with all the information, flights, and flight tickets you need.