13 Of The Top Newspapers in Spain

Newspapers in Spain

Several top newspapers in Spain provide readers with a wide range of news and information. If you’re looking to stay in the loop on the news and affairs of Spain, there is no better way than with Spanish newspapers. There are various papers, all based in Spain, that cover both local and international news. In this article, we will discuss some of the top Spanish newspapers to help you determine which one might be the best for you.

Which is the best newspaper in Spain?

Of course, the “best” newspaper in Spain will depend on your personal preferences and what type of news and analysis you are looking for. To get a well-rounded perspective you should read multiple sources. Below, you will find 13 popular newspapers from Spain.


EL PAÍS is the top-ranking Spanish-language media outlet. It has over 75 million unique browsers per month, 350 million page views worldwide and more than 250.000 digital subscribers. Also, there are 785,000 daily readers of the print edition. El País stands out as a top-tier newspaper in Spain, renowned for its editorial autonomy and forward-thinking stance. It started in 1976, and since then, it has become a go-to source for news from Latin America and Spain alike. Its pages feature a wealth of information covering national and global current events, arts and entertainment, sports, and perspectives from a diverse range of authors. In addition, El País is one of the most awarded Spanish newspapers.

2. ABC

One of the top daily newspapers in Spain is ABC, the second-largest general-interest paper spanning all of Spain. It was first printed in Madrid in 1903. Primarily supporting conservative political views and safeguarding the monarchy of Spain, ABC remains one of the oldest continuously running newspapers across Europe. It is considered the most widely-read Spanish newspaper and offers comprehensive coverage of national and international affairs.

ABC has a well-known reputation for its unique compositions, excellent photography and thorough analysis of Spanish culture and the arts. The publication is conveniently formatted into smaller stapled sheets compared to El Pais and El Mundo, making it easier to consume on the go.

3. El Mundo

Established in 1989, El Mundo is a Spanish newspaper operating outside of Madrid. Its liberal and centrist political stance covers ten distinct regional editions, such as those for Valencia, Castile and Leon, Andalucia and the Balearic Islands, all with a tabloid format. As one of Spain’s largest daily papers, it has become an authoritative source for news domestically and abroad.

El Mundo is one of the largest regional publications in Spain and stands firm in its center-right stance. There are two digital versions: one for Latin America and another specifically tailored to Spain, so regardless of your geographical interest, all readers can access it. The Spanish edition covers a range of topics such as economy, international news, and culture. However, this newspaper stands out because of its coverage of controversial yet traditional spectacles like bullfighting.

Boasting a daily circulation of nearly 68,000 copies, El Mundo stands apart from the rest by being staunchly progressive and devoted to sustaining the current democratic system, public freedoms, and all human rights detailed within the UN’s Universal Declaration as well as European Convention on Human Rights.

4. AS

Founded in 1967, AS is a Spanish daily sports newspaper situated in Madrid that devotes most of its content to football. This widely respected publication primarily focuses on news concerning all teams based in the capital city. AS has become an extremely sought-after source of news for fans of Spanish football, detailing the latest transfers, highlights from matches, and much more.

Its website is one of the most visited in Spain, with a huge readership for its football news and sports-related content.

5. Euro Weekly News

For the last 22 years, Steven and Michel Euesden have brought expats in Spain a unique source of news and information through their free newspaper Euro Weekly News. Spanning from Costa del Sol to Almeria, Costa Blanca to Axarquia and Mallorca – this English publication provides both local insight and international perspectives on current events and insightful opinions from its many columnists.

The European Weekly News (EWN) is the leading expat newspaper in Spain, boasting a readership of 500,000 weekly print subscribers and 1.5 million monthly website visitors. Released every Thursday from its Fuengirola headquarters with locations spread throughout Spain, EWN offers unparalleled coverage for foreign nationals living abroad.

6.  La Nueva España

This Spanish daily tabloid newspaper, published in Asturias, has an independent political orientation. La Nueva España is one of the oldest newspapers still in production and boasts a readership of more than 200,000 subscribers. It covers news from Asturias and the latest national and international headlines – focusing on politics, culture, sports, and entertainment.

The newspaper is well-known for its investigative journalism. Additionally, it was the first daily paper in Spain to introduce an online edition.

7. La Vanguardia

La Vanguardia, Spain’s largest newspaper with a mid-range political leaning and Catholic leanings, is headquartered in Barcelona. Printed both in Spanish and Catalan editions since 3 May 2011, it boasts an impressive circulation of 84 000 copies daily. This iconic paper has been reporting valuable news to its readers for centuries – ensuring they are always informed about the latest developments. The Spanish name La Vanguardia is used for both editions, while the Catalan name is El Vanguardi.

La Vanguardia’s website offers full access to both versions and provides news on diverse issues such as politics, culture, and entertainment. It also covers the latest markets and business data from around the country.

8. La Razon

La Razon, a Spanish daily newspaper with roots in Madrid and local editions within Barcelona, Murcia, Seville, Valencia, and Valladolid, has been around since 1998. It carries liberal economic views while being conservative socially. The publication is popular among readers boasting an impressive circulation of 41k.

9.  El Diario

Ignacio Escolar, a well-known investigative journalist formerly from the renowned left-wing daily Publico, established elDiario.es in 2012 with some of his former colleagues and friends. This Spanish online newspaper stands firm on its progressive beliefs and is exclusively published in Spanish.

ElDiario.es offers its readers a unique, independent and reliable perspective on the news – with content ranging from politics and economy to culture and entertainment.

10. 20 Minutos

Established in 2001, 20 Minutos is a Spanish newspaper that delivers topical information for free to those living in Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and Sevilla from Monday through Friday. As one of the most-read publications during weekday mornings, readers have grown fond of its print edition as it offers a distinct variety of content daily.

20 Minutos focuses on news and articles on lifestyle, entertainment, technology, health, and sports. It also includes useful information from other Spanish and international newspapers.

11. Cinco Dias

Established in 1978, Cinco Dias is the leading Spanish business and finance news source. Located in Madrid, this renowned newspaper focuses on economic trends, stock exchange markets, technology advancements, and SMEs and entrepreneurs. Now available online alongside its printed version, readers everywhere can stay informed of the latest developments through Cinco Dias’ reliable coverage.

12. BBC Mundo

BBC Mundo is an impressive digital platform that provides Spanish-speaking news and updates across various topics like Latin America, Spain, international affairs, economics, health & science, culture & sports. Not only can you read the latest stories on their website, but also view exclusive videos in the video category as well. Their user base has flourished, boasting 8.5 million monthly unique visitors who actively follow them through Facebook and Twitter to keep up with all their new articles too.

13. CNN en Español

Cable News Network, one of the most renowned news channels in the world, also provides its services in Spanish. CNN en Español is the Spanish version that offers full coverage of up-to-date news and events from around the world, especially Latin America. For an even more pleasurable experience, browse through various categories such as technology, health & fitness, and lifestyle choices, including travel and money-saving tips; or take a break with entertainment stories. Furthermore, get ready for some interactive fun with videos from around the globe – plus online TV stations and radio broadcasts presented entirely in Spanish.

Which is the most popular English newspaper in Spain?

EL PAIS English Edition is the most popular English-language newspaper in Spain. It offers extensive coverage of Spanish news, politics, culture and economy with its award-winning journalism. Additionally, it provides valuable insight from a uniquely Spanish perspective and all the latest news worldwide.

A word from SpainDesk

Spain is home to some of the world’s top newspapers, which provide readers with topical news, interesting stories, and unique perspectives. It’s important to keep up-to-date on all the major issues happening in Spain, and these newspapers can serve as a reliable source of information. No matter your interests or preferences in terms of what publications you prefer, there is a range of newspapers for people of all backgrounds and interests. Reading any of these papers will ensure that you can stay knowledgeable about the latest events in Spain.