8 Of The Hottest Places in Spain

8 Of The Hottest Places in Spain

Are you dreaming of a vacation in one of the most picturesque hottest places in Spain? Some parts of this country are known for their sunny and warm climate all year round. In fact, Spain is one of the hottest places in Europe so hitting the beach in the wintertime is an attractive idea for anyone looking to escape the cold weather of their own country. 

From sunny coastlines to vibrant city streets, Spain offers some of the best destinations in the world. If you’re looking for an adventure this summer and need some help finding it, look no further – we’ve got your list of must-visit spots for any traveler! Here are our top picks for the hottest places to visit while touring through Spain.

8 of the hottest places in Spain

Get your sunglasses and water bottles ready for an unforgettable hot journey through 8 sunny spots in Spain. Prepare to be dazzled by sizzling landscapes, golden sunsets, and warm welcomes!

1. Murcia (City), Murcia

Nestled to the east of Andalusia, in Spain’s searing south, lies Murcia – an ancient city dating back to the 9th century and currently its seventh-largest. Home to the esteemed region bearing its name, Murcia is a popular tourist destination situated close by Benidorm and Alicante on Spain’s sultry Southeastern coast; here you can bask under year-round sunshine with temperatures soaring, especially during those steamy summer months.

The summers at Murcia are very hot. However, in winter there is also a good amount of sunshine. It reached record temperatures in 1994 with a temperature of 45.7°C. This record-breaking day is one for the history books and remains the highest documented temperature ever measured in this city. 

Murcia is mild during winter, with high temperatures around 10 C (55 F) and a light sweltering frost at night.

2. The Canary Islands

The Canaria Archipelago has the hottest Winter weather and the warmest in Europe during the winter months. There are 8 Canary Islands that are similar but also different. With an average winter temperature of between 19 – 22°C, it’s a great place to escape the cold weather and enjoy some sun. The Canaries are especially known for their sunshine in the month of December, with temperatures reaching 25°C on average during this month. This makes them a prime destination for anyone looking to get away during the winter months.

3. Montoro

Even the most knowledgeable traveler would need help finding Montoro, Spain on a map. Nestled in northern Andalusia, this charming city of nearly 10,000 people is an hour away from Seville and Malaga. 

Montoro has shattered its record not once, but twice in five years for the highest temperature ever recorded in Spain. In 2017, it hit an incredible 47.3 °C and four years later upped itself to skyrocketing heights with a new high of 47.4°C. This places Montoro as one of the hottest cities on earth and is a testament to just how remarkable this city truly is.

The average temperature during the summer months in Montoro can reach up to 37°C (98 F), but temperatures don’t stop there. During winter, time the city’s average high temperature is still an impressive 18 °C (64 F).

4. Seville

Seville, one of Spain’s most historically significant cities, is in Andalusia’s heart. Enjoying an annual average temperature of 25.4°C, it is no wonder that this sun-soaked destination has become so popular with visitors from across Europe and beyond. During its long summer months from May to October, temperatures skyrocket to unbearably hot levels. Would you be brave enough to experience life in sizzling Seville?

Enjoy a whopping eleven to twelve hours of sunshine each day in Seville, with temperatures routinely reaching 40 °C, and sometimes even as high as 50°C. The highest official maximum temperature ever recorded here is 46.6 °C– so get ready for some serious warmth.

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5. Cordoba

Unsurprisingly, Cordoba – just a couple of hour’s drive east of Seville – is one of the hottest places in Spain. Its climate is almost identical to that of Seville’s. In fact, it could be argued that temperatures are even higher. The average summer temperature can get as hot as 37°C; making Cordoba one of the warmest cities in Europe. Experiencing Cordoba in the summertime is an unforgettable experience, with sizzling temperatures lasting from late May to mid-October. On average, you can expect a daily temperature of 28°C and high reaching up to 36°C during July and August and sometimes reaching 40 °C (46.9 °C being the highest ever recorded). However, these scorching temperatures will quickly drop at night due to Cordoba’s cool climate.

6. Malaga

For those who want to enjoy a bit of winter sun, head to Malaga. Immersed in spectacular Andalusian beauty, Malaga stands out as one of the most enticing cities to explore in Spain. From relatively mild winters to sultry summers, Malaga is a paradise on the Costa del Sol overlooking the Mediterranean Sea. Whether you’re looking for an exciting holiday destination or simply want to take a stroll by its majestic landscapes Malaga is an awesome place.

From June through September, the average daily temperature hovers around 23 °C – peaking at 26°C in August and even reaching as high as 32°C or sometimes more on hot days. But don’t think that’s all. Winter is Europe’s warmest, with temperatures typically averaging 17 ° C from December until February.

7. Zaragoza

Though not as renowned for its sizzling temperatures as many other parts of Spain, Zaragoza can still get remarkably toasty in the summertime. Found in Aragon and located about 200 miles away from Barcelona, summers here are thoughtfully dry with plenty of sunshine.

Zaragoza is one of the hottest places in Spain all throughout summer, particularly during July and August. The average daily temperature around this time is 25 °C with highs up to 32 °C; temperatures can even reach 40°C. This city’s record high goes to an impressive 44.5° Celsius – proof that Zaragoza has its fair share of sizzling days.

8. Granada

Concluding our tour of the warmest places in Spain, we find ourselves in Granada. Much like Cordoba and Seville, this stunning historic city is situated inland without the benefit of a cooling sea breeze; consequently, temperatures can climb to extreme heights during summer months with peaks as high as 40 °C. Although winter weather offers some respite with its cooler climate and occasional rain showers, it’s nothing compared to the stifling heat of sunny Granada.

Granada’s summer temperatures are like those in Andalusia. From May to October, the average temperature during the day hovers around 25 °C (85°F). However, during July and August, high temperatures reach up to 35°C (95°F), as was seen in 2017 when Granada recorded a scorching 45.7 °C (114.3°F) heatwave.

A word from SpainDesk

The hottest places in Spain can vary depending on where you go. We have explored the hot spots of Spain and learned about the different climates and temperatures it offers. Despite its high summer temperatures, many people still flock to Spain for its beautiful beaches and delicious cuisine. With its Mediterranean culture, thriving nightlife, historic sights, excellent shopping opportunities and lively festivals, it is no surprise that visitors flock to this country in droves each year. So if you’re looking for a unique destination with abundant fun activities and attractions, look no further than Spain!