Investing in Spain

Investments in Spain

At SpainDesk, we can help you with advice about investments in Spain. Here we have lined up popular investments that are currently being done in Spain. SpainDesk provides financial service in Spain. We know that investing is a big decision that needs proper guidance, because of the impact of money. So do you want to invest money while living in Spain? There is always a risk of losing your money when investing. Here are the 10 most popular investments in Spain; let’s have a look.

1. Cryptocurrencies

Cryptocurrencies are decentralized virtual currencies that are not regulated by any State or Central Bank. It works through blockchain technology and come with many advantages in the security and validation of operations.The truth is that blockchain technology is quite impressive, but this does not mean that cryptocurrencies are a worth investing in money.

2. Social Trading

Today, social trading is a new type of investment that replicates the investment portfolio of another person. In this way, you don’t have to choose the companies and investment assets, but it would be enough to trust other people based on their type of investment and history.

On the other hand, you can also work on the behalf, who invest their money and you will take part in their investment’s commissions. In a way, you can easily manage your investment without any funds.

3. Real Estate

Investing in real estate became very popular before the covid-19 pandemic situation. It consists of buying or purchasing a flat, house, land, premises, garage, or real estate to generate profitability.

There are several strategies for investing in real estate, such as reform to revalue, Speculate, rented property, and enable housing premises.

4. Forex Trading

The investment in Forex is to buy other currencies with the hope that its value will increase and generate profitability. The currency’s value is continuously changing and is affected by many factors, such as social, religious, commercial, etc.

Some of the people who invest in currencies use leverage; that is, they go into debt to invest more money. This allows you to earn more for your investments, but at the same time, it means taking a much greater risk.

5. Startups

This type of investment consists of investing in companies called startups, technology companies in the very early stages of their creation.Investing in startups consists of financing a company in its early stages, hoping that this company will grow and get your multiple investments back one day.

Keep in mind; it is quite a risky way to invest because you are investing in a profitable company that may not even generate income.

6. Company shares

The best money investment plan is to buy the company shares and for this manner choose an effective company that will become part of your portfolio.Before you move to this type of investment, it is necessary to study the company’s economic indicators. However, you need to understand its business and know the main characteristics of its sector. The purchase of shares is usually carried out through a broker, who acts as an intermediary in the purchase of shares.

7. Time deposits

If you are looking for a safe type of investment thus fixed-term deposits may be a good option. Since it is one of the least risky ways to obtain a return on your capital.Time deposits is a financial product that consists of lending your money to a bank for interest exchange. There are currently European deposits with up to 2% interest, which is a good interest for those looking for maximum investment security. Also, keep in mind that the money will be blocked if the deposit period expires.

8. Pension plans

Pension Plans are portfolios that formed by the investment funds or ETF, although they have an exceptional Spain feature. They have a great advantage for investments and deduct taxes, specifically income tax. It is essential to keep in mind that the money you invest in a Pension Plan will not be able to be used for a long time, which means you can’t use it for the medium-long term.

9. Investment funds and ETFs

The funds are financial investment instruments that meet the capital of individuals to an external entity. In other words, instead of you buying stocks or bonds directly, why not you choose your investment plan. There are two main types of investment funds:

  • Passive investment funds: These are funds that replicate a stock index so that they do not choose companies one by one.
  • Active investment funds: These funds are characterized by actively choosing companies or bonds.

10. Robo Advisors

These are investment platforms that first determine your profile, after that offer a personalized portfolio with products chosen by their financial analysts. They usually invest in low commissions, such as index investment funds or ETFs that replicate a stock index. Robo advisors have been present in Spain since 2015.

Investments in Spain. Consult Spain

Above are some suggestions for investing in Spain. There are always risk of losing your money when investing. Now you properly have the overall idea about the most popular investments in Spain. So, it depends on you to choose the right investment plan and double your money. Keep in mind, before you take a step of investment, it is best to have proper guidelines from financial experts. If you want any professional guidance or you stuck at one point, then don’t hesitate to contact SpainDesk.