9 Places To Consider When Relocating To Spain 

9 places to consider when relocating to Spain

When it comes to places to consider when relocating to Spain, there’s a lot to choose from. From its stunning coastline along the Mediterranean Sea to its vibrant culture and lively cities like Madrid, Barcelona, and Valencia – there are countless reasons why so many people choose this unique country as their home away from home.

For many of us, the idea of moving to a whole different country can be incredibly daunting. But if you’ve ever dreamed about packing up your bags and jetting off for a change of scenery, then relocating to Spain is an experience that you won’t soon forget. Whether it’s for work or pleasure, here are 9 places in Spain that will provide you with both beauty and comfort during your relocation journey.

Which are the best places to live in Spain for expats?

After you know how much to ask when living in Spain, then it’s time to choose a place to stay. The decisions may depend on the climate, cost of living, bank-friendliness and more. There are so many places in Spain that offer a good quality of life for expats. It all depends on your preferences, budget and lifestyle. Some popular destinations include Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia and the Canary Islands. Below are the 9 places to consider when relocating to Spain:

9 places to consider when relocating to Spain

1. Madrid

Best job opportunities

When it comes to the perfect home-away-from-home, Madrid stands out among all other cities in Spain. it’s a bustling hub of culture and enterprise, and its world-renowned nightlife draws hundreds of thousands of expats each year. With stunning scenery, a plethora of activities to enjoy, and an ever-growing community; there’s no surprise that almost one million people now call Madrid their second home.

As the capital of Spain, Madrid is a great choice for those who want to experience all that this country has to offer. It’s one of the places to consider when relocating to Spain because its lively atmosphere, museums, and incredible architecture are enough to attract anyone.

2. San Sebastián

Best for Food and drink

San Sebastián, situated on Spain’s north coast is the nation’s food capital. Home to some of the world’s best restaurants and bars, San Sebastián is a top destination for expats who want to explore Spain’s finest culinary offerings. Explore the 11 Michelin-star restaurants offering unique culinary experiences that range from coastal prawns served with crispy tempura to succulent slow-cooked beef simmered red wine. And of course, no meal is complete without a glass of local txakolí white wine.

3. Marbella

Best for Families

Are you considering relocating to Spain with a young family? Look no further than the Mediterranean coast of Marbella, where your family can settle into a new life abroad with ease and comfort. Tourists flock to Marbella, specifically Brits who frequent the Golden Mile bars and delightful entertainment venues. But let’s not forget that this Spanish city has a family-friendly side too.

Marbella’s remarkable renaissance-style architecture, cozy cobblestone streets, and beautiful beaches attract visitors from all corners of the globe. A quarter of Marbella’s residents are expats—allowing newcomers to quickly settle in and find companionship with those who understand the transition process best.

Worried about the Spanish education system? Don’t be. Marbella is home to some of the finest international schools in Spain, such as the Deutsche Schule Málaga and Swans International School—giving your children a high-quality education in a multicultural environment. It is one of the places to consider when relocating to Spain as it allows children to thrive and excel academically while receiving an outstanding education.

4. Toledo

Best for Affordable property

Spain stands as one of the most cost-effective countries to live in Europe. However, when seeking a place with ultra-low costs on property investments – Toledo tops them all. Toledo is an ancient city filled with lush gardens and historic landmarks. It is renowned for its breathtaking views of the Tajo River from its old town walls and a plethora of influential artworks from the Middle Ages.

The city is home to British families and native English-speaking expats who opt to move to Spain each year. Renting a property in Toledo won’t set you back too much and purchasing property prices are even more affordable in comparison to other European countries. Furthermore, the low cost of living, combined with a great work-life balance, further entices many people to make the move.

5. Barcelona

Best for Culture

Barcelona can’t miss on the list of 9 places to consider when relocating to Spain. It is one of the most popular cities in Europe, with people drawn to this vibrant location for its culture and attractions. Barcelona offers something for everyone; whether it be beach lovers, art enthusiasts, or foodies – this city has it all. This vibrant city in Catalonia boasts a unique culture and lifestyle that can’t be found anywhere else. The city’s bustling food scene alone could keep you occupied for months, offering endless varieties

The Catalan capital is the ideal destination for those who want a new life abroad without straying too far from their home country. With a sizeable British population, Barcelona offers expats an accessible way to get used to the Spanish culture and language. English is widely spoken in the city, but those who wish to learn the native tongue can easily find one of the many language schools available.

6. The Canary Islands

Best for Climate

The Canary Islands, located off the coast of Morocco in the Atlantic Ocean, are one of Spain’s most popular tourist destinations. With warm temperatures all year round and a mild climate, the islands are known for their beautiful beaches and clear waters. The archipelago consists of several islands, all of which attract a large number of tourists and expats looking to move to Spain. From the bustling city life of Tenerife to the tranquil Lanzarote and its national parks, the Canaries provide a perfect balance of urban and natural attractions.

With its warm climate, gorgeous beaches, and modern infrastructure, the Canary Islands make an ideal destination to relocate to. From its enhanced bank account regulations to its low property prices and excellent public transport, the islands offer a secure foundation for settling in Spain.

7. Malaga

Best for favorable climate, and great food

Malaga is a vibrant coastal city located in the south of Spain. From its rich cultural heritage and well-preserved historic sites to its excellent nightlife and delicious cuisine, Malaga is a top choice for those looking to relocate to Spain. It is well known for its 12th-century Moorish fortress and its stunning views of the Mediterranean Sea. Malaga’s mild winters, beautiful beaches, and coastal regions further entice expats to make the move.

Malaga is much loved by expats especially the Brits looking to retire to a warmer climate. The city is home to delicious tapas, making it one of the best places in Spain to experience traditional cuisine.

8. San Sebastian

Best for surf and great restaurants

San Sebastian is a picturesque seaside city located in the Basque Country of northern Spain. This popular vacation spot is known for its stunning coastline, laid-back atmosphere, and delicious cuisine. The city’s long sandy beach is popular amongst surfers, while the charming cobblestone streets and elegant buildings make it a great destination for exploring. San Sebastian is also one of Spain’s most food-focused cities, known for its world-class restaurants.

San Sebastian is one of the popular 9 places to consider when relocating to Spain. With its mild climate, friendly locals, and excellent public transport, San Sebastian is a great choice for those looking to experience Spanish life.

9. Valencia

Best for affordable living and great food

Valencia is the third-largest city in Spain, located on the east coast of the Iberian peninsula. It’s a popular destination for expats, who come to experience its culture and cuisine, as well as its famously mild climate. Valencia is a popular area to live in for those that love great food. With its rich gastronomic heritage, Valencia is a top destination for those that love to eat.

Valencia’s beaches are one of the best attractions for expats looking to move there. With over 20 kilometers of stretchy sand, Valencia is home to some of the most stunning beachfronts in Spain. For families that want to move to Valencia, there are plenty of international schools to choose from. Its language schools are among the best in Spain, and it has a large international community.

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Though there are many places to choose from, these locations should be at the top of your list of 9 places to consider when relocating to Spain. From bank account regulations and health insurance to language schools and Spanish culture, Spain offers a range of benefits for those looking to move abroad. Whether you’re seeking a new life in the Mediterranean or just need some sunshine, these cities have something for everyone. With its warm climate, stunning beaches and delicious cuisine, Spain is an ideal destination to relocate to. If you plan ahead, deciding where to move to in Spain can be an exciting experience.