7 Ways to Use Recruitment Marketing

7 Ways to Use Recruitment Marketing

Recruitment marketing uses company branding, culture, and values to attract potential candidates for open positions. It’s a combination of HR, marketing, and sales strategies that helps you find the best talent for your business.

Recruitment marketing activities include:

  1. Social media: Leveraging social media platforms like LinkedIn and Facebook to build talent pipelines and connect with potential candidates.
  2. Targeted ads: Using (online) advertising to reach candidates who are actively searching for new job opportunities.
  3. Content marketing: Creating workplace blog posts, infographics, magazines, and other types of content that appeal to your target candidate audience.
  4. Creating attractive job postings: Crafting job postings that accurately reflect the role and highlight your company’s unique selling points to help you stand out from the competition.
  5. Referral bonuses: Providing opportunities for employees, such as referral bonuses or employee referral programs.
  6. Optimizing your company website: Creating attractive career websites that showcase your company culture and appeal to potential recruits.

There are many reasons why companies need recruitment marketing, but here are seven of the most important ones:

1. Finding new qualified candidates

By creating targeted campaigns and using the latest tools and technologies, recruitment marketing can help you reach a larger pool of qualified candidates. In addition, recruitment marketing can also help you to better understand your target audience, making it easier to identify the best methods for reaching them.

Within recruitment marketing tools, there is data available about where your target candidates are spending their time, how many candidates there are, what there engagement rate is, what the cost is to recruit them, and a variety of other recruitment data. You can use this data to create targeted content and ads to your advantage in those tools, and your general recruitment strategy.

2. Increasing brand awareness

Recruitment marketing can help increase brand awareness for your company, making it more attractive to potential candidates. This is done by creating a positive employer brand and using social media, job boards, and other channels to promote your company as a great place to work.

If potential customers perceive your place as a great place to work at, your customer will be more willing to buy from you as well. By using recruitment marketing to build your employer brand, you can also increase sales and revenue.

3. Lowering the cost and time-to-hire

When done effectively, recruitment marketing can lower the cost and time-to-hire while also improving the quality of applicants. One of the key benefits of recruitment marketing is that it allows employers to target their marketing efforts towards specific candidate pools fast.

For example, if an employer is looking to hire engineers, they can use recruitment marketing to reach out to engineering students and professionals. This targeted approach helps to ensure that employers are only reaching out to those who are likely to be interested in the position, saving time and money in the recruiting process.

In addition, recruitment marketing can also help to build a talent pipeline for future openings. By keeping candidates engaged even when there are no immediate openings, employers can reduce their time-to-hire when a position does become available. Ultimately, recruitment marketing is a powerful tool that can help employers save time and money while also improving the quality of their applicant pool.

4. Creating a talent pipeline

Recruitment marketing can connect with potential applicants at every stage of the job search process, from exploration and awareness through to consideration and intent.

This not only increases the number of qualified leads and applications for current openings, but also helps companies to build a strong talent pool that they can draw from in the future.

Whether through social media, video content, or traditional advertisements, recruitment marketing provides an important avenue for building connections and developing opportunities for job seekers in the future.

5. Pursuing qualified candidates to accept offer

When you are speaking to a candidate and they are not yet sure if they will accept the offer, recruitment marketing can trigger a response that encourages them to accept the offer.

Candidates are more likely to accept the offer if they perceive you are a great place to work at.

6. Boosting employee retention rate

One of the major challenges faced by businesses today is high employee turnover. Not only does this cause disruption within the organization, but it can also be expensive and time-consuming to continually hire and train new workers.

One way to address this issue is through employee branding, which can be done through recruitment marketing. Through targeted strategies that engage employees and candidates in a meaningful ways, recruitment marketing helps companies to attract and retain highly skilled workers.

By showcasing an attractive workplace culture and opportunities for career growth, companies can not only retain their current employees but also draw in new ones. Effective recruitment marketing boosts not just employee retention rate within organizations but also the overall success of the business as a whole.

7. Source passive candidates

With companies facing fierce competition for top talent, many companies are looking to passive candidates as an additional source of potential employees. Passive candidates are those who may not be actively seeking new job opportunities, but who do have the skills and experience necessary to excel in a variety of positions.

By using recruitment marketing strategies, such as search engine optimization, social media campaigns, and targeted advertising, companies can reach out to these hidden potentials and help trigger them to apply to the open jobs.

Recruitment marketing can open up a whole new world of potential candidates by showcasing the company.

8. Differentiate your company from others

When many competitors are looking for the same type of people, it is important to stand out from the crowd. Recruitment marketing can help you differentiate your company and appeal to top recruits. To do this you need a recruitment marketing strategy that is dynamic, fresh, creative, and attractive to your candidates.

Thinking outside the box and thinking about what the candidate’s purpose, values, and goals are. What type of content will resonate with them? This is where a strong employer brand can make all the difference.