TIE Card in Spain: Meaning, When Needed, and Process to Get It

TIE card in Spain

During the withdrawal agreement of the UK with Europe, the Spanish government created the TIE card for UK citizens. It is helpful for UK citizens who want to retire in Spain, start a business, or buy property in Spain. This article discusses why Spain created this card, why citizens of the UK like it, and how to get one.

What is the TIE Card Spain?

The TIE card is also known as the Tarjeta de Identidad de Extranjero or TIE. The TIE Card is a residence document created by the Spanish immigration office for citizens of the United Kingdom who were residents in Spain at Brexit. The Spanish government issued the TIE card for UK citizens covered under the Withdrawal Agreement. The card also functions as a residence permit for UK citizens that applied for a visa after Brexit.

The TIE Card is a biometric card and replaces the green paper document issued to residents. In other words, it is a Foreigner Identity Card and proves your residency in Spain. The TIE card is a small green residency card the size of a credit card, and it holds your fingerprints, passport photo, name types of residency, and NIE number.

How long is the TIE Card valid?

Depending on how long you stay in Spain, the TIE card is valid for five years (temporary residents) or ten years (permanent residence).

Types of TIE Cards

There are two types of TIE cards. When applying, you will need to signal which card you want.

The first one is for UK individuals who were previously residents and are thus protected by the Withdrawal Agreement before its effect in 2021.

The other TIE card is for UK nationals who have acquired residency after the UK left the EU. This one is more difficult to attain because you need to go through the normal residency application process.

TIE card in Spain

When do you need a TIE Card in Spain?

The TIE Card is a card that holds the NIE number and your residency status in Spain. The government does not require it since a green residence permit, and an NIE document have the same purpose: proving residency and your tax obligations.

As stated before, it replaces the old paper a4 NIE paper and A4 green residence document. Reasons, why you might want to request a TIE Card, are:

  • You have a green residency card and a more straightforward credit card size TIE card
  • When you want a document with a new photo
  • When you want to show a document that quickly shows your rights as a resident
  • When you want a small document for crossing borders that is more recognisable by the authorities
  • When you want a more durable document
  • When you want to show your NIE number easily

The TIE residence card is a more straightforward residence document, and we recommend getting it because of this fact.

What are the disadvantages of the TIE Card?

The TIE card has an expiry date, while the green residence document does not. Therefore, you will have to renew your TIE card every 5 years.

How to get the TIE Card

How to get a TIE Card in Spain?

You can apply for the TIE via the Oficina de Extranjeros. Below are basic steps:

  1. Select the province where you live
  2. Select the police station or foreigner’s office where you want to pick up the TIE card
  3. Select the procedure for the TIE card
  4. Select a date and time and make the appointment

The website will also show which documents you need to bring with you. These include passport photo’s, receipts, filling in application forms, your residency permit, and others.

Get advice if you have trouble understanding the procedure; it might change in the future.

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