What is a Gestoria?

What is a Gestoria

In Spain, the word “Gestoria” or “Gestor” is someone who you go to for difficulties with Spanish bookkeeping, accounting or taxes. Whenever you have any problem or are stuck in financial or administrative difficulties, people advise you to go to Gestor, but what is a Gestor?

On one hand, a Gestoria helps companies, mainly, because it is an administrative link between the public administration and society. On the other hand, a Gestoria can provide functions for a private person. In short, the gestor performed actions in the interests of another person.

What is its primary role?

The role of Gestoria is to interface between the administration and the public. Generally, you don’t need an interface in most countries, but having a Gestor is quite necessary if you are living in Spain. Here is a primary function performed by a Gestor in Spain:

  1. Promotion of administrative procedures carried out on behalf of a third party. It would encompass the filing of tax returns.
  2. It offers administrative support in various areas such as tax management, accounting management, or labor management. The agency serves as a support and guidance for a person or a company to adapt its accounting to a particular territory.
  3. Ability to issue individual certificates or public deeds that is valid for future general procedures. Often these companies have the public authority or permission to create documents or certificates of general validity.
  4. The collaboration of an external administrative manager is often essential for the efficient management of a company, as is the case with SMEs or Startups.

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Gestoria In Spain

What differentiates a Gestoria from a consultancy?

One way to know the functions of a Gestor is by comparing it with a consultancy. It is common to confuse as both concepts have some common factor. A Gestoria deals with broad aspects of the administrative management of a company. On the other hand, consultancies have their role limited to tax, accounting, and labor advice. However, Gestoria offers a broader service of procedures:

  • Tax procedures such as filing taxes in the Public Tax Administration
  • Management of accounting and billing of a business
  • Management for the constitution of a company
  • Processing of grants and subsidies, both public and private
  • Legal and official representation between the company or self-employed and the public administration
  • Management and processing of self-employed registrations and cancellations
  • Help and processing for the acquisition of a billing program and even its subsequent management
  • Labor procedures such as the registration and termination of workers, hiring, firing and payroll management, and other practices with Social Security

What can a SpainDesk do for my company?

SpainDesk will help you with the processing of public deeds, all kinds of certificates, property transfer taxes and documented legal acts, import and export of vehicles, registrations, transport cards, and registry reports, among many others. Considered in a grouped manner, the agency provides the following services to companies:

  1. Tax procedures: The agency keeps the company’s accounting in terms of policies as relevant as the withholdings to be applied.
  2. Study processing: the processing of subsidies and studies requires considerable paperwork to entrust to the gestoria.
  3. Labor procedures: The preparation of payroll is the most common service; it includes registration processing, forecasting expenses, and workers’ cancellation.
  4. Business management: The agency can offer management solutions adapted to the company’s needs, which will cover different services.
  5. Certificates: The processing of very various certificates is another of the tasks carried out by agencies.
  6. Creation of companies: The consultancy can facilitate the procedures to create anonymous and limited companies by delegating all the paperwork.

SpainDesk can also perform other services such as procedures related to inheritances, licenses, or various administration certificates, immigration, and even traffic fines.

Why SpainDesk?

The SpainDesk administrative managers are professionals who graduated in Law, Economics, Business, Politics and Management, and Business Administration. At SpainDesk, you will connect with a professional team of business lawyers. Here you will get advice on the creation of a company, as well as on business management.

Disclaimer: Information on this page may be incomplete or outdated. Under no circumstances should the information listed be considered professional legal advice. We highly recommend seeking guidance from a legal expert if you lack extensive knowledge or experience dealing with any of the procedures outlined in these articles.

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