Recruiting in Spain: What do you need to know

Recruiting in Spain

One of the key requirements for business success is having a team that can carry out your operation and provide a quality level of service and products. In this blog, we discuss the basics of recruiting in Spain. The information is relevant for people that are starting a business in Spain, or are already established, and want to hire more employees.

Jobs and the economy of Spain

The Spanish economy is the fifth biggest in Europe in terms of nominal gross domestic product (GDP). The economy has been growing rapidly for the past six years (2014-2020), with strong GDP growth rates owing to domestic demand and exports. In 2020, Spain’s economy expanded faster than it did during previous economic cycles, surpassing the European average.

The unemployment rate in Spain remains high compared to other European countries. The unemployment in Spain is between 15-16% in 2020.

Industries creating jobs

The economy in Spain primarily drives on the businesses in tourism, real estate, manufacturing, agriculture, energy industries, renewable energy, infrastructure development, banking, insurance, textile, health technology, aerospace, and the automotive industry.

Multinational organizations and international workers in Spain

Since the dismantling of the borders within the European Union, many multinational organizations have begun their operations in Spain. A large number of international companies such as Facebook, Google, Amazon, Netflix, and Uber have their personnel working in Spain.

The Spanish lifestyle, cheap cost of living, breathtaking nature, and business-friendly environment are some of the key factors that encourage multinational organizations to carry out their operations by setting up offices in Spain. They use these factors to attract personnel from all over Europe to work for them, and it is working out for them.

From 2013 to 2019 the international inflow of workers has been increasing. In 2019, there was an inflow of 660.000 workers into Spain.

Marketing and the recruitment process in Spain

The process of marketing and recruiting people to do a task is fundamental for maintaining a business running smoothly. Without the right talent, businesses cannot function at their optimum level.

The process of recruitment involves identifying the right people for a role and providing them with an environment in which they can thrive and develop as professionals and individuals.

Businesses that are having their European headquarters in Spain are often looking for experienced multilingual candidates, that can get work done in the other countries in Europe. Searching, finding, and hiring personnel for a company settling in a new country can be a difficult task, and that’s why they often get help from recruitment agencies located within Spain.

Next to the fact that recruitment agencies in Spain have vast experience to fill new jobs fast for clients settling in Spain. They also are familiar with dangerous pitfalls and great opportunities within the employment law of Spain.

Types of recruitment agencies in Spain

Recruitment agencies provide a service to both job seekers and employers. They connect the right person to a job role. For multinational companies, jobs can be filled by Spain’s workers and international workers.

Recruiting Spain Workers

Recruitment agencies that work with Spain’s workers have a national and local focus. They have the expertise in finding Spanish speaking talent by using Spanish social media and Spanish job boards.

Recruiting International Workers

For companies that need to hire international workers from outside of Spain, they can look into international recruitment agencies that specialize in recruiting people from different countries.

Spain’s Employment Laws

An excellent level of knowledge on the employment laws in Spain is necessary for established and new companies in Spain. Professional advice on working hours, drafting contracts, leave, social security, payroll, and personal data are essential to not get in trouble with the labor authorities.

Employment law differ in Spain compared to other countries such as the Netherlands, Germany, the UK, and the rest of the world. Support on this topic from a Spanish labor lawyer is therefore highly recommended.

Spain’s Work culture

Understanding the work culture in Spain can be beneficial for multinational organizations that are recruiting in Spain. Spanish workers are characterized by being friendly, open-minded, hardworking, flexible, and having good family values.

Spain’s work culture differs from other countries in Europe and the rest of the world. Understanding and accepting these differences can be a key to success for international companies that establish themselves in Spain.

The most famous work traditions in Spain are:

  • Spanish people don’t like to worry, and want to enjoy life to the fullest.
  • The siesta at 13:00
  • People don’t like confrontation and it is better not to fight but see others’ views and grow from it instead.

Understanding how Spaniards work in their environment will help companies to get the best out of their employees while providing a pleasant working environment conducive to business success.

Advising candidates on work culture

Advising candidates that are moving to Spain from all over the world on the work culture, transport, accommodation, services, cost of living, places to live is usually provided by these top recruitment agencies in Spain.

A recruitment agency that works closely with its client often provides advisory services to candidates on life in Spain before they even move to Spain. This way a higher retention rate can be expected once they are working for the client.

How do I hire employees in Spain?

Hiring someone can be done through your own company, or outsourced to a payroll company.

Only outsourcing the search of new employees

A recruiter receives no money until one of the individuals they recommend is hired.

Outsourcing the search, and payroll administration

Working with an outsourcing company means that all the paperwork including signing a contract and offering payment for services will be handled by a third party.

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