Recruitment Agency in Spain: How to hire Employees

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Are you interested in recruitment agency services in Spain? Or would you like to get in touch with one? Maybe you are starting a company in Spain, or want to expand your already established company. In this blog, we go through the basics of recruiting in Spain. The meaning, recruitment services, international recruitment, and the basics of the Spanish labor market will be discussed.

What can a Recruitment Agency in Spain do for you?

A recruitment agency in Spain is an organization that, as the name suggests, recruits people for various types of work in Spain. These can be temporary or permanent vacancies at any level in a company.

Next to this, they help companies find the right talent for their vacancies. They do this by using a range of methods to attract candidates, from placing job ads online to finding them on social media.

They are also known as ‘head hunters’ because they are tasked with hunting down candidates with extremely specific skill sets who are ideally suited to particular jobs.

International recruitment agency

Spain attracts many international employees to work in the country. Many companies like to take advantage of this by hiring staff from abroad. In this way, many companies are looking for an international recruitment agency in Spain.

Getting experienced multilingual candidates to give your business support in Spain is an attractive option for many companies in Spain. It’s possible to find talent from countries around the world that are attracted to the Spanish culture and lifestyle. Multilingual professionals will come to Spain for the following:

  • A great climate.
  • An international business culture.
  • Many multinationals or partners of multinationals have a presence.
  • A great lifestyle.
  • The people are friendly, helpful and interesting.

Popular industry sectors in Spain

The following list shows the most common sector companies are searching for candidates.

  • Customer support
  • Real estate
  • Horeca
  • IT jobs
  • Accounting or administration jobs
  • Healthcare
  • Engineering
  • Transportation (automotive)
  • Construction
  • Education
  • Tourism
  • Marketing
  • Social work
  • Insurance
  • Commerce
  • Finance
  • Consulting
  • Sales

Recruitment agency in Spain

Where can you find recruitment agencies in Spain?

You can find recruitment offices in most regions of Spain. However, international recruitment agencies are spare. Next to this, most recruitment agencies are located in big cities like Madrid, Barcelona, Valencia, and Sevilla.

What are some benefits of using recruitment agencies in Spain?

A lot of companies like to work with a professional recruitment agency for several reasons:

  • They can help them find the right talent for their vacancies. By working with the right candidate they increase the chances of attracting new clients.
  • An agency can also help companies manage their P&L, by finding the best candidates who contribute to the right outcome.
  • Hiring quality employees is always a tricky process and choosing an employment agency will help you save time and money.

How can you benefit from our services?

Below we split up the services we offer for companies and job seekers.

Services for companies

  • Selection of potential employees.
  • Placement in companies and making sure that all parties are satisfied with the outcome.
  • Regular updating about your open vacancies.
  • We provide professional advice throughout the placement process. This includes support for interviews and assessment centers.

Services for job seekers

When you are looking for a job in Spain, working with a recruitment agency can be a great option. You will find a wide range of different vacancies and you don’t have to worry about the initial contact or selection process.

The most important tasks for us are:

  • Providing you with interesting job opportunities.
  • Assessing your skills and experiences to make sure they fit the position you are applying for.
  • Supporting you with the job application process and making sure that all parties are satisfied at the end of it.
  • Recruitment agencies can help you find jobs fast.

Types of services for businesses

Our recruitment, payroll, and staffing solutions are tailored to your business needs. We offer a wide range of services.

HR Consulting

Our employment lawyers and professionals can help your human resources team with all legal issues related to employment law in Spain, such as:

  • Preventing and resolving disputes.
  • Legal advice on recruitment processes (hiring and firing procedures,…)
  • Labor law compliance (contracts, salaries,…)

Executive Search Services

Executive search is related to long-term missions in which you hire a top executive to join your company.

We will do an in-depth analysis of the market to find the perfect candidate for your company.

Permanent Placement Services

Permanent placements are ideal for your business if you are looking to speed up the hiring process and find a good candidate.

The right number of qualified specialists and employees is essential for every company’s success.

Temporary Employment Services

This type of employment service is the right choice when you need to fill a temporary position.

Temporary workers are ideal for short-term projects to help you face peak periods, bad weather conditions, longer holidays, or other temporary circumstances.

Job search and recruiting

Our recruitment services as a multinational company

We both recruit Spanish talent and talent abroad. Below you can find our main services.

Recruitment of Spanish talent

Recruitment agencies can help you find the best candidate to work abroad for your company. The number of Spanish professionals looking for opportunities outside Spain has been increasing over the last ten years, which you can benefit from if you find the right person. Our recruitment team will thoroughly assess the Spanish market and find you a perfect candidate to work in your company. Whether it be a person working in engineering, finance, tourism, or any other sector.

Recruitment of people in Spain has many benefits, Spanish people are well-educated and open to learning. They are also very family-oriented and like challenges.

Recruitment for talent abroad to work in Spain

Spain is an attractive place to work for a lot of young people, but also professionals from all over the world are looking for exciting opportunities in Spain. However, finding these people can sometimes be a challenge. That is why we have a large network of foreign professionals and can find you the right candidate for your business in Spain.

Our recruiters can find the right people for your business, whether you are working in tourism, finance, sales, engineering, or any of the other sectors.

How much does it cost to hire a recruitment agency in Spain?

The cost we charge depends on the task you want us to do. An initial assessment of your requirements can be done at no cost. So we can determine what kind of services and cost best suits your company.

The 5 types of cost structures we offer are:

  • Payment when a candidate accepts the job.
  • Percentage of the candidate’s first year’s salary (which is paid by the employer to the recruitment agency).
  • Fixed fee for searching candidates.
  • Monthly retainer fee.
  • Retainer plus a payment per head.

With these different cost structures, we can help you create an offer that suits your business best.

The costs and structure also depend on the number of positions you want us to look for, the level of candidates, and the difficulty of finding and placing them. The cost also depends on secondary services, such as whether you want us to handle the payroll for your new hires.

We have a transparent and straightforward fee structure that we will explain before you sign the contract with us. We are always looking for a long-term business relationship with our clients, which starts with transparency and is based on trust.

Finding workers for your business

Contact our team to discuss your opportunities.

We will advise you on recruitment in Spain and the best way to go about hiring new employees.

Our team offers a wide range of services from temporary placements to permanent staffing, and we are happy to help you every step of the way. Next to this, we can take care of:

Don’t hesitate to contact our team if you want more information about the services we offer.

Disclaimer: Information on this page may be incomplete or outdated. Under no circumstances should the information listed be considered professional legal or financial advice. We highly recommend seeking guidance from a legal or financial expert if you lack extensive knowledge or experience dealing with any of the procedures outlined in these articles.